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  • News The November Monster Hunter Generations DLC is Now Live

    With a distinctly Japanese flavour

    We're on the final stretch of free Monster Hunter Generations DLC, with content due to keep coming up to early 2017. The latest set is distinctly Japanese in flavour, given us a taste of the sorts of outfits, weapons and extras that are no doubt hugely popular in Capcom's homeland. The DLC quests are all...


  • News Monster Hunter Generations Has Sold 4.1 Million Units

    Monstrous results

    Ever since more or less becoming a Nintendo handheld exclusive, it seems that the Monster Hunter series has been gradually finding better footing in the West. The series has always been a home run in Japan, but Capcom has been tirelessly working to garner similar results overseas. According to Capcom, Monster Hunter Generations...

  • News Monster Hunter Generations Gets a Tempting Discount in North America

    Time to hunt it down

    Monster Hunter Generations is one of the best games to come out on 3DS this year, offering a mix of nostalgia and new ideas. As always it's also got a whole lot of content, with free DLC adding to that every month; we gave it 9 out of 10 in our review. Lucky North American 3DS owners now have a chance to pick it up at a...

  • News The October Monster Hunter Generations DLC is Now Live

    Fire Emblem! Ghosts 'n Goblins! Weird Zombie-kun Set!

    Monster Hunter Generations is an excellent game, and its appeal continues to grow with a fresh batch of free DLC every month. Many of the costumes come through 'High' level quests, and add some cool content for those that have battled through the core campaign. The October add-ons are now...








  • Video Nintendo UK Would Like To Remind You That The 3DS Has Some Amazing RPGs In 2016

    Are you ready for your #3DSAdventure?

    While the 3DS may be getting on a bit these days, it's set to enjoy a bumper 2016 in terms of RPG titles. So much so that Nintendo UK is running a campaign which aims to promote the handheld as the RPG fan's system of choice. Dubbed #3DSAdventures, the campaign is intended to spread the word about the following...

  • Random Check Out This Monster Hunter Generations Themed Honey

    Make your own Mega Potions

    One of the key components of any Monster Hunter game is the elaborate crafting system that backs the majority of the item economy. While it is certainly possible to buy items in shops, it's almost always a better choice to go out and make it yourself by finding and combining the right materials. Arguably one of the most...