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  • News Pokémon Shuffle Has Passed 6 Million Downloads on 3DS

    Oh yeah, that other Pokémon game…

    Long before Pokémon GO was everywhere, Pokémon Shuffle was released on Nintendo 3DS to a curious audience. Free to play games aren't too common on the dedicated portable, so it came as with a somewhat different flavor to your typical 3DS game. We thought the in-app purchases were a bit much, but found it to be...


  • News Pokémon Shuffle Adds Plenty of New Stages in Latest Update

    Time to level up

    Pokémon Shuffle appears to have been one of Nintendo's more successful free-to-play releases on the 3DS eShop. Not necessarily in terms of money made for Nintendo, that we don't know, but its simple but addictive tile matching has struck a chord with some eager players. The good news is that some brand new campaign stages have...


  • News Pokémon Shuffle Gets a Major Update and New Features

    SpotPass! Survival Mode! Other Stuff!

    Pokémon Shuffle is one of multiple 'mon free-to-start downloads on 3DS, and has also been released on mobile. A major update to version 1.3.0 for the 3DS iteration has now, seemingly, brought it into line with features that have previously rolled out on smart devices. First of all, if you're jumping into the...



  • News Spooky Halloween Events Are Now Live In Pokémon Shuffle

    Ends 26th October

    With the spooky time of year fast approaching, Pokémon Shuffle is celebrating the occasion with two new Halloween-inspired events. The first is titled Dusknoir Descends and requires players to defeat the ghost type Pokémon in 20 moves or less. If acquired and then used in battle, Dusknoir may occasionally use Last-Ditch Effort...



  • News Pokémon Shuffle Rolls Out on iOS in North America and Europe

    And so it's come to pass

    The Pokémon Company has a steady history of iOS and Android releases, but it's not common for titles to be published by Nintendo on the 3DS eShop and to then rock up on smart devices. Pokémon Shuffle has always had the potential to change that, arriving on the 3DS eShop as a free-to-play title with plenty of optional...

  • News iOS and Android Receive Pokémon Shuffle Mobile in Japan

    Shuffling onto a single screen

    We've known for a long time that Nintendo has been developing apps for the gigantic smart device market, and Pokémon Shuffle felt very fitting for such a market when it was first launched on the 3DS. Now it's finally made its way onto touch screens all over Japan and marks the first Nintendo game on iOS and Android...

  • News Take a Look at the New 'Green Blob' Pokémon

    Plenty of Pokémon Shuffle information, too

    Earlier in the summer talk emerged of a new Pokémon that was revealed as part of a teaser during the new 'mon movie that's out now in Japan. We only had some sketches to go on, but 'green blob' seemed to sum up its form nicely. Serebii has dug up an image this weekend, though, which gives us a look at...





  • News Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon Shuffle Surpasses 2.5 Million Downloads

    Promising signs for the micro-transaction eShop title?

    Nintendo has dabbled in the free-to-play market for some time now, and their latest attempt testing the micro-transaction based waters, Pokémon Shuffle, may be their most popular creation yet, with a timely announcement that the title has clocked up more than 2.5 million downloads. The...

  • News Limited Time Lucarionite Competition Opens On Pokémon Shuffle

    Top 20,000 get to Mega Evolve their Lucario

    A new challenge event has appeared in the 3DS eShop title Pokémon Shuffle that offers the chance to Mega Evolve your Lucario. The event - which runs for the next week and requires Version 1.1.3 of the game - sees you facing off against a Mega Lucario with a single minute on the timer and no HP. The aim...

  • News Pokémon Shuffle Updated Once Again, Adds a Special Kyogre Challenge

    There's a Jewel up for grabs, too

    Regardless of where you stand on the free-to-play Pokémon Shuffle, it's serving up plenty of updates and regular challenges to keep players interested; the latest update takes it to version 1.1.2 and adds an iconic 'mon as a new challenge. The addition is Kyogre, most recently seen in 3DS remaster Pokémon Alpha...

  • News First Passcode Released for Pokémon Shuffle


    Perhaps you've been tapping around the menus in Pokémon Shuffle, maybe while waiting for that clock to tick agonizingly down, second by second, so you can get another shot at that Espeon because you need it but hey no it's not like you're addicted or anything haha that would just be totally ridiculous ahahahaha! Anyway, you might have...

  • News Free-To-Play Puzzler Pokémon Shuffle Gets Updated To Version 1.1.1

    Gotta patch 'em all

    Free-to-play 3DS eShop title Pokémon Shuffle has just been updated to version 1.1.1. The update requires you to redownload the game - that's a 686 block download - and "Check In" again to access the Event stages. The patch is listed as supplying necessary bug fixes, and without it you can't Check In, access Event stages or...

  • News Pokémon Shuffle Hits One Million Downloads

    Is anyone buying Jewels, though?

    Pokémon Shuffle is Nintendo's most notable attempt to-date at utilising microtransactions - unlike previous free-to-play downloads it doesn't unlock content for fixed amounts, but uses an in-game economy that encourages you to pay-to-play on a continual basis. It's had a mixed response, and our early reaction was...