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1 (Single Player)
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3DS eShop

  • EU 25th Aug 2016, £3.99
  • US 25th Aug 2016, $3.99
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    Painting a decent picture

    It's interesting to see how retro video game art is still so popular — you rarely see filmmakers presenting an entire movie in black and white just because that's how films used to be made. Perhaps due to nostalgia and the ease of creating game assets, pixel art continues to be popular in the indie game scene. If you're...

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Pixel Paint News

About The Game

Create retro-style pixel art drawings with the Stylus and share your pictures with everyone on Miiverse!

The popular Wii U pixel art paint package comes to Nintendo 3DS with new features!

Create your very own pixel art with ease and post it to Miiverse or save it to the SD Card for use on social networks etc!

Pixel art is a picture created pixel by pixel such as retro games and many recent indie games. Base your creation off an old game, or create something entirely new!

Classic Features

  • Smooth, easy controls, drawing dot-by-dot using the Stylus
  • 8 color palettes including some of the greatest retro systems
  • 5 canvas sizes for pixel art of all sizes
  • Change brush size and shape
  • Cut/copy/paste/erase
  • Color picker, fill color, and replace color

New features for Nintendo 3DS

  • Shape tool to easily create circles, triangles and squares
  • Export your drawings to the SD Card for use on computer or anywhere!
  • When your pixel art is complete, share it with the world by posting to Miiverse!