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1 (Single Player)
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3DS eShop

  • US 7th Jan 2016, $24.99


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    Your pets are better than mine

    If you've ever considered owning a pet, the 3DS game My Pets is a great way to dissuade you. It's not due to the fact that spending time taking care of virtual animals can never truly replicate the warm, fuzzy feelings of a pet's unconditional love. It's that this game highlights a lot of the seedier, dirtier sides of...

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About The Game

Take care of pets at your home!

Take care of pets at your home by playing a rich collection of mini games and take them out for walking. The aim is to train your pets so they can enter competitions and become your best friends!


  • Impressive care simulation in 3D
  • Cute and lovely fur shaded animals
  • 4 cats & dogs breeds
  • 16 mini games
  • Stunning setting: luxurious villa with huge garden and pool, beach and shopping city center
  • Animal fashion: dress up the pets!
  • Augmented Reality technology: use the Nintendo┬« AR Card to see your pets come alive!