Also Known As
Stretchmo (US title)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

3DS eShop

  • EU 14th May 2015, Free
  • US 14th May 2015, Free
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    Pulling the blocks into place

    It's arguably one of the key gaming experiences to indulge in some light puzzling on a handheld system. Whether it's Tetris or Picross, nothing makes a morning commute or quiet evening more relaxing than letting grey matter and opposable thumbs work together to solve a problem. Pullblox / Pushmo is one Nintendo 3DS...

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Fullblox News

About The Game

The newest entry in the series offers a brand new twist to the formula by adding extra directions of movement in which to push and pull: now you can grab hold of blocks not just from the front, but also the rear and both left and right sides, adding even more layers of complexity to the much-loved head-scratching fun – not to mention a good reason to observe the puzzles in 3D.

Also new, in Fullblox you can pull and push up to three squares compared to previous games' two squares of movement. But don't worry, just like previous games if you make a mistake, just rewind time and try again! Fullblox also sees the return of the popular level editor, called Fullblox Studio in this version, which allows for almost limitless possibilities to create and share, along with almost endless puzzles created by other users to enjoy.