Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

3DS eShop

  • US 20th Oct 2016, $6.99
  • EU 27th Oct 2016, £6.89


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    This is a fair 'un

    Fairune was a fun - if not particularly ground-breaking - little game that came out of nowhere and charmed us with its simplistic yet addictive gameplay, mixing Ys-like bump combat with a Zelda-esque overworld filled with secrets. We thought the game's story felt pretty complete, so we were quite surprised that a sequel popped up,...

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Fairune 2 Screenshot
Fairune 2 Screenshot
Fairune 2 Screenshot
Fairune 2 Screenshot

Fairune 2 News

About The Game

Fairune 2 is a fantasy puzzle-solving adventure RPG, which has you explore the map by solving puzzles, tricks and beating monsters.

You are called upon by the mysterious book that can tell you where to find the lost fairy. In this adventure, you encounter the wonderful girl that may lead you to the truth of the world.

With much greater content than the prequel, the powered-up 8-bit graphics and sounds will bring forth the new reminiscent gameplay.