Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

3DS eShop

  • EU 11th Dec 2014, £2.39
  • US 18th Dec 2014, $2.99


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    An Ys-y purchase

    The RPG genre is still rather popular, with several big-name releases arriving every year. While these are usually grand spectacles, Fairune keeps things quite simple. As with many "retro-esque" games these days, it attempts to emulate the look and feel of a classic '80s game, and that comes with matching game mechanics. Combat is...

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About The Game

Fairune is a retro-style puzzle ARPG. A girl has been chosen to become a heroine. An adventure filled with mystery awaits her.

During her adventure, she'll need to find weapons to defeat monsters, and to level up. She also needs to collect items, find secret passages, and solve puzzles. Once she has unlocked three ancient statues, she has to seal a mysterious menace away forever.