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i am a member of the game development team tons of bits based in Germany and we recently finished our first WiiWare game chick chick BOOM. The game is at Nintendo for the final check now

We want to use this thread for introducing the game and creating a platform where users can ask questions about the game. I will check the thread frequently and reply. I hope it will create interest to have a direct connection between developers and users.

Let's start with a general info and description about the game...

Title: chick chick BOOM
Platform: WiiWare
Release Date Europe: 29th October 2010
Price Europe: 800 Nintendo Points
Release Date North America: hopefully 4th quarter 2010 - not final
Price North America: TBD
Official Website:


Description of Gameplay:

In chick chick BOOM two chick teams compete against each other in an arena. There are 5 chicks on each side. A round ends when one team loses all of its chicks.

Attack and defense are the core elements of the game.

The attacking team has the choice between 3 basic attacks (bomb, weight, plant), a lightning-attack (only available when a dark cloud appears) and a special attack which depends on the arena played (UFO in City, Sea Monster in Ship, Ghost in Haunted Wood).

Furthermore each attack can be powered up with 2 different upgrades (e.g. the highest upgrade for the weight generates a giant Sumo Chick, which will jump twice on the opponent's chicks).

In total there are 7 attack types, each having 2 upgrades, resulting in 21 different attacks.

Another core element of chick chick BOOM is the defense. You defend by drawing lines directly in the arena. It works intuitive and logical. For example, when a weight falls from the sky, you can draw a horizontal line above your chicks, this way the weight falls on the line and is blocked. Since the chicks collide with the line too, you can block them as well. For instance, you can draw a vertical line in the arena. This way you can keep your chicks away from dangerous areas. Moreover, the same line feature can also be used to sabotage the opponent’s defense by blocking his line with yours.

There are also additional features, like for example the Corncobman and the Piñata. Corncobman is a big corncob, passing by in the background. You can shoot his kernels off; your chicks will eat them and get healed. You can also shoot on the Piñata, which appears from time to time. If you can pull it on your side, you will get useful bonuses, e.g. line upgrades, chick upgrades and distortions of enemy attack interface.

All these features together, especially the permanently jumping chicks and freely drawn lines generate a dynamic game play, which is creating new situations and reactions over and over again.


  • Single- and Multiplayer: 1-4 (coop or against each other - in all variations, for example 2 vs 1)
  • Offensive Moves: more than 20 entertaining attacks
  • 3 Arenas: City, Ship and Haunted Wood
  • 15 Teams: 5 available immediately and 10 others to unlock
  • 3 Game Modes: Duel Mode, Time Mode, Pro Mode
  • Tutorial
  • Records: Your best scores will be saved… for you to beat

Ok, that's it for now If you have any questions or comments just shoot away, I will be more than happy to answer them.

On the website available: videos, screenshots and more information!




Huge thanks to James and the other admins for their exemplary help and support!!! I am looking forward to your comments and questions

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chick chick BOOM - available for WiiWare - 800 Nintendo Points -
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But I watched the video, and I love the art style. Does the gameplay vary at all, or is it just the same gameplay in a different location?

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Looks pretty cool. And the art style resembles Angry Birds to me, which is good. But looks like a fun game.
But I have the same question as zez, does the gameplay in different stages?

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What do you mean withTL;DR??

Regarding your question: If you are aiming for the different arenas, the gameplay is basically the same, but in each arena there is a different special attack. For instance you can attack with UFOs in the City Arena, with Sea Monsters in the Ship Arena and with Ghosts in the Haunted Wood Arena. Each of them has a different effect on the chicks and the gameplay. E.g. the red upgraded Ghost eats up your line, which makes your defense get in trouble or the green upgraded Sea Monster, which is a giant jelly, throws a slime ball to your side of the screen. This way you can't see what's going on properly in the arena, as it distorts your view. So for every arena there is a special attack with 3 different attack forms (base, green upgrade, red upgrade).

I am not sure if i could make it clear, since my english is not the best, but you can have a look at the games website under the section "about" / "attacks". There you can read everything about all 21 attacks and their effects.

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chick chick BOOM - available for WiiWare - 800 Nintendo Points -
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Yes, we made chick chick BOOM for flash and also Mission in Snowdriftland which was the advent calendar the winter before Fun to see people still remembering it

chick chick BOOM - available for WiiWare - 800 Nintendo Points -
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I don't want to reveal too much, but we are seriously considering a revival of Mission in Snowdriftland - even if not for WiiWare or other platforms...

chick chick BOOM - available for WiiWare - 800 Nintendo Points -
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Nintendo will have the last word on the price, but we aim for something in the range of 800-1000 Wii Points...but that's nothing final

chick chick BOOM - available for WiiWare - 800 Nintendo Points -
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The game looks crazy. I watched the video before and was like 'what....just happened?'. Looks fun, I'll keep my eye on it.

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Given that you're in Germany, I'm guessing you haven't realised that "Chk Chk Boom" is a meme and a joke in Australia. The unintentional play on that for Chick Chick Boom is brilliant, and easy free marketing for you guys. Please tell me it's actually going to get a Australian release.


We also saw this girl on youtube and it seems that (for whatever reason I can't understand) it got quite popular in Australia. As we already had the original version of chick chick BOOM out in 2007, we don't bother about the title

And YES, the game will be available in Australia, ey

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chick chick BOOM - available for WiiWare - 800 Nintendo Points -
Join us at Facebook/Twitter -


tons+of+bits wrote:

Australia, ey
(WARNING: link explains the 'chick chick boom' meme but contains foul language)

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What do you mean withTL;DR??

It means "Too Long, Didn't Read"

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Aviator wrote:

tons+of+bits wrote:

Australia, ey


Oh! I was wondering what tons of bits meant by that.

I'm just glad it wasn't an hilarious, lost in translation style typo.

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It looks like tons of fun, but if I have one piece of criticism, it's that the art style is way to similar to another popular bird-based game--Angry Birds. It may seem like a small detail, but to art dorks like me it matters

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This game looks great multiplayer, but honestly how fun is the single player mode? This really could make or break a purchase for me. Most of my friends and family live a good distance from me right now.



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