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I recently purchased The Cave for $15, but have no clue where the supposed $1.50 is that I should be credited. Is there a specific process for getting credited for your purchases?



you have to go to the website.

You have to save up 500 points to get $5

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Wow...that's random. Thanks alot. Although it seems like they are trying to screw everyone by making games 14.99 instead of an even 15.00. You are bound to land a few pts shy of 500 due to this and have to buy another game.



Considering the variety of different prices of games on the eshop, the .99 cent aspect doesn't matter. Some things on the shop cost 2.00, some cost .30, some cost 59.99, and everything in between. They only make it .99 cents because it reflects how everything is priced in physical stores.



I wanna know why nintendo charges me tax in Ohio but the playstation network doesn't......

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Ohio likes to be complicated. I have the same problem haha

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