Topic: Super Mario RPG comes to Wii U VC tomorrow in NA

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DiscoGentleman wrote:

That said I love this game to bits.
If Nintendo announced a sequel to this co-developed with Square-Enix... It'd be glorious.

Actually, Mario & Luigi is very close to being official sequel to this. Not only do they both share Mario RPG in their name, but AlphaDream was founded by ex-members of Square, many of them worked on SMRPG. Even the game's director, Chihiro Fujioka is a member of AlphaDream.

Personally, I like this game, even though it's quite easy. Out of all Mario RPG-games, I like Mario & Luigi the most, SMRPG comes second, and Paper Mario is distant third.

Dunno how I feel.

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I have Mario and Luigi Dream Team and Paper Jam and don't like them nearly as much as Mario RPG. I agree though the graphics haven't aged that well. It's still my favorite RPG tied with Crono Trigger.



@Rexcalibr Have you played Superstar Saga? From what I hear, Dream Team and Paper Jam are the lower end M&L games

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Made a mistake. I have Superstar Saga download on my Wii U. Never played Dream Team. I think I just like Mario RPG because it was the first RPG i got into. I didn't like Superstar Saga nearly as much. I really like the characters and soundtrack in Mario RPG.



CanisWolfred wrote:

Fiyaball wrote:

You guys do realize that it only took so long because of Square Enix, right? If this was owned 100% by Nintendo, this would've been on VC in 2013.

Well, the Wii VC release was heavily delayed as well back in the day, so you might be onto something. Nintendo mentioned it around 2007 or 8 in relation to upcoming releases, but it didn't come out until around the time Square-Enix's other VC games were coming...

...Wait, could we be getting more S-E VC games this year? That'd be swell...though, I'm not holding my breath...

Nah, I still got Earthbound 2 to complain about. xp



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