Topic: What will it take to get Donkey Kong Arcade?

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That's not what I meant. The animations and level designs are more complex than the NES version.

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The arcade version is also harder than the NES version. Those who want less difficulty would still buy the NES version despite missing a level.
What I want is a revamped WiiWare version of the 1994 Game Boy game.

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Well my question is why wouldn't Nintendo release the best version to begin with. They've done this with games on SNES & Genesis too.



JebbyDeringer wrote:

Well my question is why wouldn't Nintendo release the best version to begin with. They've done this with games on SNES & Genesis too.

Donkey Kong arcade's absence makes zero sense. They could sell it for $25 a pop and make a killing if they wanted. I would buy it the day it came out and buy one for my car too. I don't like to criticize Nintendo for what's absent on the VC, but this is an exception. It's the equivalent of Godfather DVDs being out of print.

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What did SEGA release multiple versions of on the Virtual Console besides Golden Axe? Or was it Altered Beast?
I don't see why Nintendo couldn't just put the Arcade version of Donkey Kong on the Virtual Console for 800 points. It would be like, "Hey. If you want the extra level, it's gonna cost you 300 more points."



There's several games with multiple versions in Japan where the PC Engine has tons of arcade ports for Namco games and then the VCA releases. Frankly I don't see how that would be an issue; especially since the VCA titles are 800 ea. Of course if you had an SNES port and then the VCA version I'd agree, but the solution with regard to Mega Drive games (which cost 200pts. more outside of Japan) is to make the VCA game 900pts...

Just release the arcade games Nintendo, including the arcade version of Super Mario Bros.!

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the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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To answer the (ancient) question of this topic: A Switch!

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