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Hey all
I checked a bunch of walkthroughs and guides for Paper Mario for virtual console and I can't find an answer so I thought I would ask here.

I just got the star Klevar and now I am underground Toad Town.

I went through the underground and made it to a place where you have to watt's flash to see the invisible blocks. When you go across them there is a blue door. Every walkthrough says go in the blue door. Kinda obvious right? But when I try to go in the blue door it says its locked from the other side.

So did I miss something earlier in the game to unlock it or what?

thanks pals



Have you talked to Merlon in Toad Town yet? I'm pretty sure you need to do that before you can advance to the final level.

You shouldn't have done that.


Yes, you must go to Merlon's house. Inside there will be someone with him. Afterwards the door will become unlocked.



thanks! thats what i needed.

i did talk to him, but i died underground somewhere so instead of going and talking to him again because i didnt save it. i just went ahead underground. i shouldve thought of that, but thanks everyone.


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