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What do you guys think about turn based strategy games? (Like Fire Emblem) And are there any you recommend on the VC or WiiWare? Tell me your most epic moment, or just say your favorite game/run through.

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I don't know any on the VC/WiiWare, but I do know that I loved Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. The most epic moment for me was when in PoR I leveled up Janaff all the way, boosted his stats, and gave him an occult. On the first bonus map it took the enemy 10 rounds to even hit him, let alone do 2 damage per hit.

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Ditto Radiant Dawn. I never was a Fire Emblem fan until I tried this game. (Too bad I didn't try it sooner to get the GameCube one.) It's so fun!

I also don't know any on VC/WiiWare (in America anyway). Two epic moments: First, 10 guys swarmed Zihark (Level 20, with a custom weapon with high attack, a skill that raises his critical hit percent by 30, and another that may allow him to attack up to 4 times.) Needless to say, ever single guy was destroyed, and Zihark only lost around 10 HP.

And secondly, I beat the last boss when Ike had 2 HP left.


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If you want a strategy-RPG on VC, your only options are Shining Force and Shining Force 2. I personally didn't like the first one, but the second one was quite fun until maybe midway through the game when I got stuck. Still worth it though.

If you want a pure strategy game, there's always Military Madness, which is closer to Advance Wars than Fire Emblem. And there is a really cool looking strategy game coming to WiiWare and DSi that's already out on iPhone. I don't know how I could have forgotten the guy's name who made it.

Anyway, as for favorites... Nothing tops Fire Emblem on the Gamecube. I also really loved Fire Emblem Gaiden which was partially translated by fans if you play via emulator (unfortunately was never released here). Very close runners-up: Tactics Ogre (GBA), Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1/PSP), Disgaea 3 (PS3).

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Ogre Battle for the SNES is good but difficult. I could never get far in it, but my more-hard core friends swear by that title. The two shinning forces games are good, but the second one is much better and you don't really need the first one to understand what's happening plot wise in the game.



They're also re-doing Military Madness for WiiWare. Wasn't it supposed to be coming out soon?

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I just picked up Shining Force 2 on the VC. I've got 1, 2 and Holy Ark on the Sega Saturn, but I just liked having it on the wii also. I guess I'm in the minority in saying that I liked 1 as much, if not better, than 2.



Collin wrote:

Ogre Battle for the SNES is good but difficult.

Just remember Ogre Battle is a Real-Time Strategy Game and not turnbased.

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