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Has anyone played the Battle Mode in this game? How is it?

I'm hoping for the Battle Mode to be really good after how bad the Battle Mode in Mario Kart Wii turned out to be.

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if battle mode is like the rest of the game, then it will be fantatsic, sure its no competition to MK, but it sure comes close, and is great that it is on all conosles, not just wii.



Wiiman94 wrote:

It´s great that it is on all conosles, not just wii.

Why is that? Is races against/between all consoles?

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Mange, I think he meant it will be great on all of the consoles. Not that it is on all consoles. Cause They systems have their different Wi-Fi thingamagigs.


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Old post..i know (again!)
Its pretty good, even better than Mario Kart's Battle Mode

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