Topic: Nintendo of America is unpredictable about their VC and WiiWare releases.

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Well I think it would be nice if they did announce the games set to be released for the month ahead even if they released random games from that list throughout the month so there is still an element of surprise other than the last week in the month.

But I also think that sometimes they don't even know themselves what games they are going to release until very close to the time they're due to be released.

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It's very true. "A lot of factors go into [the decision]" according to their automated VC response.



If they don't know themselves what they're going to release from week to week, then that's a problem with Nintendo management. There's really no good reason they can't have SOME idea what's going to be coming, especially given their proven history of holding back games for no apparant reason (like they did with Sin & Punishment, and they seem to be doing with SSB64 right now). I just don't see letting them off the hook because they admit they run a sloppy ship.

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I'm guessing they are waiting to release the big games that everyone wants when their profits are low the week before. Do remember that they're a business too, though it is irritating most of the time.

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I have no idea. I would like to know what's coming so I can make my budget right.

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