Topic: I've Got 2000 Points, Which Games Should I Get?

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I've got 2000 Nintendo points about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I've got a lot of good games already about over 110 games, what should I get. I'm thinking about getting these games already so far:

SimEarth (TG-16) (800 Points)
Boulder Dash (C64) (500 Points)



MM if you haven't already

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What WiiWare games catch your attention?



Got MM and beat it about 3 or 4 days ago. What WiiWare is good besides Mega Man 9? I was hoping to get more N64 games.

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U can get Onslaught if u dont hav it yet.

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More N64 games, huh? Starfox 64 and F-Zero X come highly recommended.

As for WiiWare, IMHO, many are good/great.



Sin and Punishment definitely.

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Agrees with Dark Machine.

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