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My favorite has been mentioned.
But final hours with the post man, made me feel so much sorrow and disspare on his behalf, i wanted to help him. However the first time I saw him in that state, I couldn't, and it practically broke my heart having to go back, without helping him.

Oh yeah, seeing him curled up in the post office quaking with fear is really difficult to watch. He's one of my favorite characters in all of the Zelda universe, if only because there's such a brilliant suggestion of emotional complexity behind what could have been a one-note character. I love him, and was very disappointed to find him reduced to cartoonish boobery in Twilight Princess.

Some other great moments:

  • The head carpenter spends the entire 3-day cycle making fun of people who are afraid of the moon falling, but if you talk to him on the very last night (only as a deku scrub) he confides his own fear in you. For such a brash, egotistical individual, even such a small concession toward humanity is very moving.
  • An obvious one (as it's part of the Bomber's Notebook), but Gorman's "drunken" sorrow at the Milk Bar is a pretty brilliant emotional twist to the character as well.
  • Also pretty obvious, but worth repeating, is how sad it is to find the dead and withered deku scrub toward the beginning of the game, once you've already played through it once and realize who he is.

God. What a great game.

I don't think I ever wore the Bremen's Mask in front of the Ikana soldiers, so thanks for the heads up on that. I'll have to do it this next time!




Majora's Mask is one of the greatest games of all time. It is so deep, and it is a N64 game. I need to compete it though, I'm at the Great Bay Temple.

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This isn't in Majora's Mask, but I found in A Link to the Past, in Kariko Village, there is a house with a picture of Mario and if you pull on it, you get some Rupees.


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When I'm playing my Zelda games though...
Has to be when I'm in the mood to listen to the right kind of music! I prefer Backstreet Boys & Keith Urban when going through specific favorite dungeons in Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask... being the Water Temple in OoT & Woodfall in MM!

Is this guy joking I just can't tell? Backstreet Boys?!?

You got a problem with that?! I happen to only like my personal artists & certain boy bands! The BSB Rocks!!


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