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I was playing on my Wii last night and thought to myself why have we got no games that you can use 2 Wii-motes, one in each hand??

This would only be usefull for certain game types, for example a game where you have 2 swords, one in each hand. With motion plus coming out soon this would give you precise control over each arm/sword/etc.

I cannot think of any technical reason this would be a problem, does anyone else think this would be a good idea or am i crazier than a taxi?


I wouldnt say your crazy just its unlikely to happen. I suppose you could have a skiing game or a rowing game or a shoot em up that required 2 handguns or maybe sword and gun like red stell but with the 2 wiimotes instead.

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Helix uses two wii motes per person.

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Helix for WiiWare has this feature. Unless you meant why no Wii Retail games have done it?

I think a part of it is that developers could have possibly entertained the idea of double handed Wii Remote control but choose not to alienate those with only one Remote or perhaps even wasting battery life.


(a) Helix.
(b) the only problem i can see is that you'd have to have at least two wiimotes charged/batteried up and ready to go for maximum fun.

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There might be a problem with moving your character around since you wouldn't have an analog stick. Though I guess you could get around that my using the d-pads. Or the game could be on rails and you just control your swords.



arnt you forgetting about the wii nunchuck?

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I had forgot about Helix + never played this game, however i feel if this concept was explored further it could add a new dimension to Wii gaming, provided it is not used as a gimmick and utilised in the right way for the right game.

@ geek-master - I had not forgot about the Nunchuck, the reason i had this idea is because the Nunchuck doesn't offer the same level of function + precision as the Wiimote, that is why i had the idea to use 2 Wiimotes.

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We are talking about using 2 wiimotes you wouldnt be able to hold the 2 wiimotes and the nunchuck.

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