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i need help but not with homebrew itself but rather Wii
I have display 1980 x 1080
And i have an output adapter from Wii (RCA) to D-Sub (VGA) now my screen is grayscale or nearly completly green
i also have locked option for 480p which my monitor could maeby recognize better
any help to solve the issue?
i have homebrew and some preloaders etc i can install more stuff but is there a way maeby in system to force a different output or to solve it?
also i don't have option to change smth to AV and things.. no options in my monitor allow such play



@Darklaser Hey there! Unfortunately, the discussion of emulators/homebrew isn't permitted here. I'd recommend looking for a specific forum dedicated to this so people can offer better advice




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Sorry, this topic has been locked.