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I wonder if its possible for Nintendolife to ask Konami of America/Europe for a VC release of Castlevania Rondo of Blood. This might not do much, but it could help influencing them... Very few have a PSP or interested in getting one...(no offence to PSP owner)

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Well, I think Konami is well aware and I'd bet good money that they're going to make it happen in the not too distant future. Still, I think that'd be a good idea to have Nintendo Life make a bit of noise on the issue. It couldn't hurt our chances, at least. Get on it guys!

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PC-Engine version > SNES version
I want the PC- engine version!



Mama+Luigi wrote:

PC-Engine version > SNES version
I want the PC- engine version!

I want both! They're 2 very different games.



I think Konami is well aware of the desire to have Rondo of Blood on the VC, but we'll get it when they're good and ready for us to get it. And I can't even play the SNES version after having enjoyed the PC Engine version for so long. I realize they feature some differences, but I just don't care much for the SNES release.

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True Corbie. But it would be nice if they at least gave us Castlevania: Bloodlines now. I think that's the least they could do after making us wait so long for Castlevania III.



Maybe we'll see it on Halloween?

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That SNES games seems "inspired by" Rondo of Blood at best. It's like a made-for-TV movie that tries to imitate a concurrent theater release. Shouldn't really be considered the same game at all, just another Castlevania game with a similar title.

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