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I have to disagree on Risk; just the thought of having to wait while one player places troops and selects actions on the main screen keeps me from having any interest at all in a video game adaption. If you can just pass that player the tablet, however, you could make it much quicker to tap territories or slide troops around, and you could even allow for some of the more advanced features of Risk 2042, where you all kinds of hidden cards and modifiers that you can play on your turn.

I agree that many games have too much hidden information that every player needs to see at all times, but really there's some gray area. I'm accustomed to seeing my own rack and thinking through my next move when someone else is up in Scrabble, but I could it working fine with the board showing on the TV and only the active player messing about with their letters on the tablet. I believe you underestimate how much more appealing the tablet makes these games; I'd never play a video game version of Monopoly as things stand, but with the Wii U, I could see it being fun.

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I hope they don't spend too much time trying to think of creative local multiplayer games.
I don't tend to have people over to play games too often so they're pretty useless for me.

I'm sure there's lots of creative ways Nintendo and other companies will use the tablet, but I'm hoping a lot of these I can enjoy without having people over. =P


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In order for Nintendo really wow the world like Wii Sports did, I think they need to make something that is only possible on Wii U. The HeroQuest example is a good one. The Wii was their Revolution; the Wii U's big moment can't be something that makes people say, "Oh, like I can do on my iPad."

Risk 2210 has defense cards which would mean passing the tablet back and forth between every die roll. I think I'd stick to the board game.

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