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I have just been on the phone to Nintendo Service Centre regarding my Wii U gamepad. I bought the Wii U in January and its been nothing but problems since.

The gamepad originally had a particle of dust inside the screen which made it look like a stuck pixel. I sent it in and they replaced the entire screen. Upon return I noticed it has a border of blue light along the bottom and the right side of the screen. Its only visible when the image is a dark colour, it gets really bad when you play it with the lights off. Anyway I sent it back and waited a week and they did nothing. So I called them up and they requested photos. I had no response for two weeks so I called them again today. They say they do not class this as a fault. They said I could send it in to be looked at again but I refused because it just a waste of time.

I am wondering if anyone else has this problem with their gamepad?

I am really annoyed because I have not been able to play the console for 3 months. I have also spent about £300 on games which I have not been able to play. They have also scratched the gamepad and damaged the plastic during their so called repair.

I will attach photos once I figure out how to.



The screen has a backlight... i'm assuming you are seeing that, there's always a bit of light leakage around the edges of the screen.

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Dead pixels happen, mine has one too, as does my TV. I've never noticed a blue light, but I'm sure it isn't going to cause problems. Just enjoy your games.



Good lord, twice sent back GamePad, just sell this WiiU and buy a new one and avoid the next set of problems you're inevitably going to have with this gamepad.



Sell your Wii U, games, controllers, remotes. get a pc

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puncher wrote:

Sell your Wii U, games, controllers, remotes. get a pc

Don't be a PC gaming peasant, get both

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