Topic: Why doesn't each country get the same VC games others get.

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@cwong15: i am pretty sure that you hit it there. NoA has more eShop shovelware releasing than the other regions, and it seems like the Virtual Console exists only to release things when the eShop crap factories are not supplying.

@Bass_X0 I don't think that is a factor, like digital music sales surpassed physical, digital video game sales are slowly overtaking physical sales. In fact back in Feb 2014 EA's Peter Moore was predicting they would overtake physical sales in two years. Now, I don't think it is happening that quickly, but it will happen. Just look at the generation that now exists that doesn't purchase music, but rents it as part of a subscription service. The same thing is slowly happening to Television and Movies. It will eventually overtake the gaming industry.


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Because USA get a lot of indie support. They won't crush the little support they have by releasing tons of old VC games. That wouldn't be sane for the market. Better promote fresh blood. You want more VC? Then support indie games

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You want more VC? Then support indie games

No. If I want more VC then I'll download more VC. Even going back and downloading games I originally overlooked months ago. I do download some indie games but generally I'll wait for a sale.

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It's probably easier for each region to individually decide on what content is available than for them to coordinate it. There's likely money reasons as well, such as releasing VC stuff in a region when there's a software drought.

This issue is still annoying though. I'd like Nintendo to focus on unifying the content between regions so that content is equal in each region. This'll never be fully possible due to languages, regulations and other factors, but they're quite bad at it at the moment.

This could also be the same for release dates of games. Yoshi's Wooly World is a great example of regional variations since it was released in the US months after Europe, even though there was an English translation in the EU version.

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