Topic: Which WiiU games would you play again on Nintendo Switch?

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I'd buy again
Mario Maker, Smash Bros

Nintendo should port and hasn't announced yet
Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, 3D World, Wooly World

At this stage I think they've already porting most of the games that made sense to port. The only other one is Pikmin which would be redundant if Pikmin 4 is a thing. I also think some HD remasters of Wii games make sense. Galaxy, Metroid Prime Trillogy, Skyward Sword being the obvious ones.

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@Ralizah @SuperWeird Glad to see others who enjoyed Super Mario 3D World! I think it's easily one of my favorite Mario games of all time, it's so much fun and has me surprised at how many unique and interesting concepts it introduces in each level. I really hope it gets ported to Switch.

Even if they don't introduce online co-op (which for a platformer would be difficult, especially due to potential lag), having it on Switch with 4 player co op and two player on the go would be amazing. IMHO no other platformer released has as excellent multiplayer as SM3DW.



I would really like to see Tokyo Mirage Sessions get a second chance. It was criminally overlooked

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@shadow-wolf Oh yeah. I hope, now that we've gotten the exploratory Mario game people have been dreaming about, people will go back to 3D World and realize how much fun the game actually was. A Switch port would be a perfect way to breathe new life into it.

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@Ralizah Exactly. I think an early 2019 port of SM3DW would be best. I doubt Nintendo would release it this year cause Odyssey just released last year, but 2019 could use SM3DW as a stopgap and a showcase of linear Mario at its best before releasing an Odyssey 2 in 2020 perhaps.



@Gamer83 add Wario and Waluigi as playable characters.

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I've still got my Wii U plugged in and all that, but it's not like I can pack it into a bag and take it on a long haul flight so I'd be interested in ports of any of the good first party games for the machine.



I like a lot of Wii U games, and mine is still connected to my TV, but I have a few that I would like on a portable and/or a few minor changes.

1.SM3DW - Was really fun and deserves a bigger audience! It also seems suited to single joycon multiplayer.
Maybe they could rerelease it next year for a decent price release joy con sets in Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach colours? It could fill that gap in summer where nothing really gets released.

2.Pikmin 3 - Amazing game, so much fun and a portable pikmin game would be so cool! It would also make sense if Pikmin 4 is coming to Switch.

3.Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - A really good JRPG that didn't get the recognition it deserved. I think it stands a chance if SMTV sells well and Atlus sees the Switch as a viable option.



Xeboblade Chronicles X
Wind Waker HD
Tokyo Mirage Sessions
Paper Mario Color Splash
Super Mario 3D World
Yoshi's Woolly World
Kick and Fennick
Dr Luigi

For some of these games, timing is important. So far I feel the ports have been strategically released as part of a careful strategy, and that Nintendo deserves more credit for this. I'm really bored of all the whining though.



I think Mario Kart 8 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are the only games I'd replay on Switch. Hence, I did end up getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The rest of them wouldn't be exciting, although note that I haven't played games such as Hyrule Warriors, so that game would be brand new to me on the Switch.

Twilight Princess HD and The Wind Waker HD would make a compelling package if and only if they were released in a bundle, and marked down quickly, you know like non-Nintendo companies do with their HD ports.


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3D World, but if it included online co-op. Otherwise, I'd stick to Wii U.

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@DiscoGentleman Yes! I said something similar on the TMS thread, but it quickly got shot down. I think the easiest one to do would be Pokemon, but Mario could be doable as well. Have Mario learn agi spells Peach can learn dia, Luigi with his vacuum could do zan spells etc. etc.

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