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Hi all, I decided to get my Cyberbike connected to my WiiU because my 6 yr old granddaughter wanted to have a go. However, unlike the black Wii (RVT-001) disk player, the WiiU disk player does not have the round socket for the plug, which is about half an inch in diameter. My daughter ordered a "Game Cube Adapter" (a little black box with four sockets and a cable) from the US which arrived today and which didn't work. We then discovered from a posting somewhere that it does not work for the Cyberbike. So that was $45 wasted...
Unfortunately my old Wii cannot not read any disks any more (which is why I bought the WiiU a year ago) and the only Wii disk players we can find around here are the later series white ones (RVT-1001) which do not have the Gamecube socket.
So what I need is just an adapter cable with the socket for the round Gamecube-type plug on one end, and a USB plug on the other end.
Does anyone know where I can find one ?



@Helvetica I don't know what the situation is in whichever country you are in, but if it were me I would pick up a used Wii on eBay.

Alternatively, some Wiis and the vWii on your Wii U, can be hacked so that you can run Wii games from an external hard drive, so you could hack both consoles, use the disc drive to rip your cyberbike disc to the hdd, and then run the game from the same hdd on your Wii.

Or, you could fix your Wii disc drive - have a look at guides on the ifixit website.

I don't think the cable you seek exists. And even if it did, I don't think it would work with the cyberbike.

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Thanks for your reply.
(What I didn't mention is that we went to a shop in a nearby town and bought a s/h Wii but didn't know about the -001 -1001 differences. And of course the one we bought was a -1001, dammit).
I am in Switzerland and I looked on an ebay-like site here, but the black ones (they don't give the model) are selling "as new" for the equivalent of $200 and upwards. I can't buy one in, say, England, Australia, the US or Canada because it won't work with my games which, as we all know, are stuck to one region. So it can only be Switzerland or Germany.
As far as hacking the HD goes, I would have no idea how to do that.
>use the disc drive to rip your cyberbike disc to the hdd
You mean the disc in the WiiU -> copy it to the WiiU HD? I can't use the Wii disk drive, don't forget - it won't read discs any more.
I will have a look at the ifixit website, if it's just a case of replacing the harddrive with another, I have a load of HDs I could use.
I am holding out one hope at the moment. Our daughter had a Wii before I got mine, so it is possible it is an -001. She gave it to her boss who doesn't use it, but it was too dark in her attic to check the version number. If it IS an -001 our daughter will offer to swap it for the -1001 we bought today.
Thank again, I will report back.



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