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For every course of mine that you give a star, I will give a star to one of yours. I generally put a fair bit of time and effort into my courses but I also realize that the vast majority of the SMM community spends all of 5-10 minutes on a course before slapping it up on the server so, per this agreement, I am even willing to star your lazy slop-buckets too. I will also try to complete an equal number of courses (or all of your courses if they're actually good) if you complete some of mine. Please post on here to let me know which of mine you starred/completed so I know you're in on the deal. I will take your feedback if you want to post some on here too. I just might not incorporate it since that would require deleting the course from the server unfortunately.

There's two exceptions though: I will not star troll courses. I can kick some serious Super Mario butt so if I can't finish your course, you probably didn't want me to. Also, if you upload auto courses, I literally don't want your stars. I wish you would delete all of your courses from the server and sell your copy of the game to someone who enjoys actual gaming. SMM would be a million times without any auto courses.

Remember, you can access all of my courses with just one code by clicking on my cute little face, but here are all of my current codes anyway:

Demolish the buildings! (easy) (115E-0000-00B7-7357)
Heaven or ???? a.k.a. SAVE HIM! (F6CE-0000-00A2-4643)
Yoshis Terror Island/1Up Factory (A111-0000-00A4-1C37)
Mario Metroidvania Mania (hints) (198D-0000-00B3-8282)
How to Mario (Beginner) (AFAF-0000-00B0-6FAE)
Genesis of Caged Love (easy) (ED49-0000-00B7-C9B5)
Retro Caged Love (easy-medium) (2A53-0000-00AB-EB74)
Super Cagey Love (medium-hard) (D8C2-0000-00B6-3F90)
New Caged Love (hard) (712F-0000-00B7-BC61)

My Super Mario Maker Courses

3DS Friend Code: 5300-9395-3820 | Nintendo Network ID: adamlikesyou


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