Topic: Is there any way I can change my NNID and keep my old games and save data?

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Is there a way I can change my Nintendo network id and still be able to keep my games and save data? When I got my Wii U I was with an abusive partner who is now (thankfully) long in the past. When I was with this person he made me set up whole new emails/accounts/passwords with his name or our "anniversary" in it. Sadly my NNID is a part of that. I have been able to change every other thing in my life except this one detail and I was wondering if there is any way to do it. I don't want to lose my current save data since I worked so hard on 100% completing Breath of the Wild and some other favorite games. I have a new NNID for my Switch that is connected to my old one I want to change so I didn't know if because the NNID accounts are linked if somehow I can change it over and still keep my games/save data.
Thank you so much to whoever takes the time to read this and sorry for the long post!



@littlequeen1215 Now that I think about it, if you mean you want to transfer game purchases & game save data to another nintendo acccount, (which would be tied to a new email address) the answer might be no. And that would be for security reasons, like protecting your purchases, or to thwart a hacking. A nintendo rep has some power, but it has limits. As far as I know, you'd have to ask nintendo support aka customer service. It's definitely worth it to ask. I'd be interested to hear what they say on the issue, if you want to share your findings.

Nintendo support contact page

(I deleted my previous post, to clean things up. If you didn't see my previous post, I'll mention that nintendo support is pretty good - I dare say impressive(friendly/low stress). So, don't go thinking it's like calling a dreaded cable company. It's pretty easy to get a nice person on the phone. Or you can use their chat messenger.)

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