Topic: can you watch nintendo directs live from wii u?

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because it's happening tommorow in the uk at 11p.m and i want to watch it from the eshop


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Yes. If you use the youtube app you can view the Stream from Nintendo's official channel.


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thanks very much it's appreciated


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well don't use the utube app as the utube from browser is much better since it can be done off screen. but yeah you can do it live.

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I'm going to watch the Direct from the Wii U browser. Streaming from Nintendo Life.

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@Rixor13 you can watch youtube directly on the gamepad using the app, along with the web browser.

It's just much easier to track subscriptions and find specific livestreams using the app


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I normally use the Wii U Wed Browser and come here to Nintendo Life. I am able to put the stream on the TV and surf comments and the live blog on my GamePad. Sadly I will be at work so I will just have to watch it on a computer which means I won't be able to read as many comments and interact with the community as much but that is the price I pay in order to pay prices...

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I'll watch on YouTube probably on my Wii U. I'm not interested in what the community has to say! I'm only interested in what Nintendo says. The conversation with fellow Nintendo fans will occur afterwards!!


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I usually use nintendolife so we can please understand things together. Does that work smoothly on the wii U gamepad browser?

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I usually watch live events with the video on fullscreen on one monitor and a twitter feed on the other. But my second monitor died yesterday so..... I suppose if I'm going to watch it I'll have to find another way.

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I don't know why they have the Direct videos in the eShop after they end but they don't stream through it.

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