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I couldn't help but think of this if the rumours of the screen on the controller are indeed true. We all figured the screen will probably be used for a status screen a la Four Swords for four-player multiplayer? But what about more than 4 players?

Bomberman Blast was the first major Wii game (as far as I know) to make 8-player gaming a reality, I have yet to play 8-player mode but it sounds like it would be a blast. With four traditional Cafe controllers and 4 Classic or Gamecube controllers, providing the rumour about the Gamecube ports being in is true as well (I hope so since the Gamecube controller is one of my favorites), 8 player gaming could easily move from a novelty mode to the mainstream. 8-player Smash Bros. Chaos anyone?

In addition, it could work for split-screen games like FPSes and Mario Kart. It's obviously difficult to split a screen more than 4 ways on the TV, but if the 4 Classic/Gamecube controllers got the big screen and the Cafe controllers got their own personal screen, it would seem to be relatively easy to implement. What it would depend on would be the graphical resolution of the small screens compared to the big screen, as well as one option potentially having an unfair advantage over the other.

So those are my ideas. I would love to get a big group of friends together and have a big 8 player match. How about you? Any thoughts?

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Smash Bros. Chaos would be a great name for 8 players. I also want 8 player local play. I think a lot of party games would be improved by it.

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You could pass bombs between opponents screens. When the bomb runs out of time on your screen... BOOM! You're out!

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If controllers still connect via bluetooth you'd be limited by that. Bluetooth only allows 8 devices to be connected (7 and a host) so the Wii (and 360/PS3) is capable of handling 7 controllers. If the "Cafe" controller used bluetooth in any way I would assume you'd still be limited by that and it'd also apply to Wii Remotes.

but the Cafe will apparently stream video to the screen on the controller so.... maybe it won't use bluetooth!

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Did the Wii connect by bluetooth? I thought that you could have up to 10 devices (Wii remotes, Balance board, etc.) connected to one system, but maybe not all at the same time. Plus if Cafe has Gamecube ports like the rumours suggest, that's 4 non-wireless controllers right there.

I forgot that Mario Party 7 was actually the first 8 player game i know of, but I never played that mode with 7 other friends either

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. - 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NKJV)

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