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Still, a high end gaming PC is a lot more expensive than buying a console. Yes PC's are generally fab because you can tear out old bits (not literally, that would be stupid...) and upgrade it without getting a whole new PC which isn't too bad of a deal.

However in England to find a really good well made PC that can do some of the higher end games you have to cough up at least £1000 or £2000 and then the parts ain't all that cheap coming to around £500 or £1000 depending on the model you choose for the next higher end graphics cards. Overall it gets pretty expensive and that's without buying any games.

Yes, you can make your own but if you want some uber graphics that also runs very smoothly even with all settings on max you're still going to have to cough up a lot of money. Stuff it, I'm buying a console, it's cheaper and a new model comes out every 5 or so years.

@AlexSays Windows? Pssshhh... my computer can just about run Terraria at 30fps and this computer was recommended as a very good PC for gaming... ha!

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I'm yet to find a PC game where you cannot adjust the preferences to play it even with an old desktop, and yet still looking better than in PS3/360. Problem with many PC users is that they are supposed to play always with max settings and never lower than 60FPS so after few years they feel the need to upgrade while the games are still perfectly playable lowering the settings. Something that you cannot do with the Wii to play next year nintendo games, BTW.



AlexSays wrote:

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Windows XP

I discovered your problem

Switch to Windows 7 and you shall see the light

But even after that I still need a good graphics card and 2 gigs of RAM. My friend bought a graphics card last year and it set him back $300. I could just buy a new home console for that much.

I'm not hating on PC gaming, I just prefer consoles because there is less you have to watch out for.

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