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Ninja Gaiden III for 4$
Castlevania III for 8$
R.C. Pro-AM for 4$

Good deals if I say so myself.

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Picked up 1080 Snowboarding for 2 bucks at Half Price Books. Glad I didn't pay 10 for it on the VC.



Most recent would be a replacement copy of Road Rash for the 3DO.
And before that, would be the 3DO itself (with a game lot), Return Fire, and Return Fire: Maps o' Death.

And before that... probably just a ton of NES games that I bought from '99-'02, when FuncoLand was still around. I bought a bunch of N64 games, too, but those weren't really retro at the time.



One day, I hope I write EarthBound in this thread somewhere besides in this post.


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Gokujyo Parodius-Da! Delux Pack for the Saturn and Toejam and Earl. At least I can run the Megadrive cart in 60Hz (as Nintendo wont bother adding the option to their VC emulator).



I made some awesome deals this week:

Super Metroid - for 7,50€ @ eBay
Yoshi ´s Island - for 10,00€ @ garage sale
Wing Commander (SNES) - for 5,00€ @ garage sale

In Germany, Super Metroid or Yoshis ´s Island normaly go for 20€ and more... so that was almost a theft

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Arch Rivals (NES) - $2.00

I don't own a NES, so I don't even know if it works...

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JohnWalrus wrote:

Arch Rivals (NES) - $2.00

I don't own a NES, so I don't even know if it works...

Lol So why did you buy it? Are you going to turn around and sell it on Ebay or something?

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Disney's Aladdin for the SNES, for $12 full on eBay. The last time I played the game was at my mom's friend's house during Hurricane Rita in 2005. It's still a great game.

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To each their own


Last month I bought a Dreamcast with 2 controllers, two memory cards, all the cords, and a total of 12 games. All of which worked perfectly and came down to a reasonable price.

Before that, I got two Japanese Sega Saturn games that I wanted really badly, and for a fantastic price, too. Too bad I don't know Japanese yet, outside of a few words.

And a little before that, I purchased a Sega Genesis with about 16 games total. It didn't have a working RF Cord and the 6 button controller I bought for it was busted, so I had to buy an A/V Cord to go with it.

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Great deal yesterday all this for just €16,00:

Mega Man Extreme (GBC)
Much like the "classic" Mega Man Game Boy games this takes its bosses from two different Mega Man games but this one does it with the first two Mega Man X titles rather than the "classic" series.

Duck Tales (GB)
I heard the NES version was good and judging from what I've seen from that game, this portable version seems pretty much a portable version of that game.

Golden Sun (GBA)
An impressive RPG for GBA with some of the best graphics on the system. I've only found one major flaw in it that's worth noting and that's the endless dialogue and loads of text. After minutes of redundant babbling about things like "the Wise One" and "the quest" you already know what you're supposed to do but yet it goes on and on. It's at these moments that you feel like quoting Monty Python: GET ON WITH IT!!! Other than that it's amazing.

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TimeSplitters 2 for the GameCube, and it's awesome.



Sonic and knuckles VC version, but I think my next one will be F-Zero and Pilotwings ( pilotwings so I can prepare for Resort)

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i just got sonic 2 genesis sonic 3 genesis and caslevaina nes ................



i just got growl for genesis and stone protectors for the snes in the mail.

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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Visited some kind of Resale Store and picked up:
Ghosts 'n Goblins (NES) for $2
Blaster Master (NES) for $2
Ocarina of Time (N64) also $2

Not too shabby...

That is all.

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Splinter Cell (GC) for $5 and its in prefect condition.

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i bought a Dreamcast scart for €6 for my dreamcast and Jet Set Radio for €8.

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Got given an N64! GoldenEye just gave me motion sickness though. How did I play this so much at the time..?
Also Alien 3 for Megadrive, under-rated game in my opinion, despite it's relative simplicity.

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