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The last retro thing I bought was a mini SNES without the power cord, for 5 USD. It came with everything else pretty sweet huh?



Donkey Kong 64
Mischief Makers
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2
Pokemon Stadium 2
Snowboard Kids

All for €50,-.

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Just got Vampire Saviour for the Saturn, never got around to playing it before.



FF VII and IX for $30 and got a PS1, Red Dead Revolver and Jade Empire for the Xbox free. They're the only FF games I've ever liked and wanted to play them again. (IX is the best Final Fantasy game ever and if you think otherwise then well, I disagree)

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I recently bought a boxed Super Famicom Super Game Boy, it is in decent condition and its instructions are even in English which was a surprise. Thanks to Damo, for helping me out with a compatibility question regarding whether my PAL SNES would work with the Japanese Super Game Boy, too.

Anyway, that is not the best part of my purchase. I went into my local Gamestation and they know me pretty well by now. I've been hoarding PAL PS2 games from them and they know that I'm nuts about retro. The fella there pulled out a bag of Game Boy games and said that I could have them all for £10, because he knew that they would be going to a good home.

The bag included 30 games including Double Dragon, Star Wars, Wave Race, Mario & Yoshi and Tennis carts. There was no boxes, but they sound good through my telly's speakers, plus they look pretty sweet with the colour and background options of the Super Game Boy. There were quite a few Game Boy Colour games too, but I can not play them through my SNES. I can play them on my handhelds, though. Not a bad bargain bag, eh? 33p a cartridge!

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@JamieO Twas indeed a bargain bag,you jammy bugger. Guess I'll have to make friends with my local Gamestation staff Just getting back into the old GB games myself thanks to the recent great articles here on NL. Enjoy fella.

What's this bit for again?


Well, Super Off Road just arrived (two days early). It came with the dust jacket and manual, which is great for $4.50. It's just like the arcade game (even, strangely, accomodating for four-player mode).

I absolutely love the game. An arcade classic.

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@Luigi78 Cheers mate, you enjoy your Game Boy resurgence too.

I am passionate about retro gaming, from antiquated consoles to the continuation of classics. Obviously I love PSone, and PS2 retro games. I blast my ears to breakneck melodic punk, gruff vocals and nimble alternative guitar hooks.



Well maybe not as retro, I'm stoked though. I picked up a Official Nintendo Gamecube Component cable for $25 at my local game trade spot! These things are going for over $50 on ebay!! Thats more than I paid for my Gamecube system (only $40 for the system!)

Otherwise I picked up:
Road Rash 1 on Genesis: $2.50
Robocop Versus Terminator on Genesis: $2.50 (yet another duplicate in my collection now)
Donkey Kong Country 3 on SNES: $11.00 (still waiting for this though and taking forever!)

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Super Monkey Ball 1 on Gamecube purchased £4.00.
Mulling over a Neo Geo Pocket as well

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Mine are from Virtual Console:

Punch Out!!
Super Mario Bros. 3


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Equinox: Solstice II for the SNES for $11.78 on eBay. It's a fun, albeit hard and obscure, isometric game. I'm in the final dungeon now.
EDIT: I have beaten it today.

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I recently bought all 6 of the Mega Man games for NES as well as a copy of Mega Man X on SNES. I already have the Anniversary Collection too. Is it wrong to buy multiple copies of games you love?

That is all.

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WEll, soon I'm gonna order Spider Man 2 and TTYD for GC for only $1.98!


Thread necromancy how nice. Yesterday at a swap meet I got Bust-A-Move (SNES) for just $5 in awesome shape, and a Mega Man X (SNES) cart for $10 in decent shape too and those games tend to run like $40 and $20ish respectively so I made out. I ended up doing some fun stuff on those this afternoon, and as I already had it out I put a couple hours on Earthbound as well. I got that one last year from an idiot shop in the state I moved away from for essentially free ($60 store credit) as they didn't know what they had.

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Unfortunatly I cant by any retro games cause I dont own any of the old systems anymore. My Super Nintendo was stolen by a roommate about 10 years ago, I foolishly traded in my N64 when the Gamecube came out and my Genesis my brother got since I got the SNES when I moves outta my parents house, and my NES I gave to my mom when hers broke since thats the only video game system she will play. I still have a ton of games for those systems. The oldest system I have right now is a PS2. Right now I am trying to hunt down a Genesis as well as a SNES so I can play some of those games. Some games that I have on cartridges, like Mario Kart, Super Punch Out!! and River City Ransom I broke down and bought again on the VC, while some games like the Megaman series I bought the collection on another system.

Hopefully I will be able to find a Genesis or SNES here soon.

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Super Mario Land 2 just came, along with my Super Game Boy (although, sadly, my SNES is broken). I borrowed my sister's GBA, and I love the game! I can't wait to get more Game Boy Classic games! Since I'll be using a GBA, I can also get Link's Awakening DX!

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