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So, Sonic The Hedgehog, 3D, It's a whole thing, a BIG thing, and I'm here to talk about it. People commonly say, "Sega never knew how to make Sonic become 3D" or "They never got the transition to 3D right." and I believe that the first 3 Sonic games are some of the better ones, but unlike most people I don't think they're the ONLY good games in the series. However I do think that their first attempt at "3D" sucked. The game I'm talking about is Sonic 3D Blast. This game sucked, that's all I'm gonna say about that game. Anyways, back to topic. Sonic in 3D. I think that in terms of gameplay they got Sonic Adventure, their first 3D Sonic Platformer, mostly right. but in terms of Cutscenes, Oh No. They are AWFUL, and the only reason why is...the mouths. They are COMPLETELY out of sync and overall just look bad. But I think that the gameplay makes up for it. Sonic Adventure 2, I think was...well...I haven't played SA2 so...I don't think I can have an opinion on it. So lets just skip ahead to the next Sonic game I've played. Sonic Generations. I think that with Sonic Generations...they did it pretty well! The controls feel good most of the time, the music is REALLY good, the levels are fun. I mean sure they're just remakes of old Sonic levels, but I still think they're fun! And they managed to make something from Sonic 06 not awful, HOW. and I like the gimmick of Modern Sonic & Classic Sonic, I think it's pretty neat! on the list of Sonic games I've played. Sonic Mania, I think that they made Sonic Mania fantastic, let me tell you why... 1: They went back to the old style of the 2D games which I think was a very good choice, as that was before the supposed downfall of Sonic. 2: The controls feel very good to use, and feel well...SMOOTH! 3: The soundtrack. OH MY GOD, IT'S AMAZING! Just look at Studiopolis, Green Hill Zone, and the file select music, it's all a BOP! And finally...#4: The animations, such as the intro and the ending. I LOVE the animations, they look so good! I don't know what it is about it, but I love it! Alright that's probably enough gushing over Sonic Mania, next is Sonic Forces. Now I know what you're thinking..."This game flippin' SUCKS!" But, listen...I don't hate Sonic Forces. I'm not saying it's my fav Sonic game but I don't think it's as bad as other people say. First off, I think it's a little...weird that SEGA made it so that you can make OC's be in a Sonic game...and the controls sometimes feels a bit off, somehow, also they put "Sanic" in the game....and lastly the game is really short. To me, those are all of the downsides of Sonic Forces. Now on a lighter note, let me talk about all the upsides of Sonic Forces! First, I think most of the music is pretty good!, Especially "Fist Bump" just because it's hype as heck. Second of all, the levels look REALLY cool! And Classic Sonic returns, but the only problem about Classic Sonic being in the game is because I feel like he doesn't add that much other than saving Tails, and I think that's about it for Sonic Forces. So yeah, now you might be thinking "This wasn't even about the fandom or the actual controversy!" and to that I say: Do you really want me to write about the entire fandom and add even more to this extremely long forum?



Just play the game without paying too much on arguments or whatever.

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@Luigi6432 I would also add Sonic CD to the list of good original Sonic games. It definitely has some flaws (such as occasional poor level design), but it has some really cool ideas, like time travel. I like the bosses too. The soundtrack is great as well.

Since you liked Sonic Generations, I really recommend Sonic Colours. The gameplay is very similar to the 3D parts of Sonic Generations. I haven't played the new version, but the original Wii version is great. It is probably my favourite 3D Sonic game.

I really would like to try Sonic Forces. If it is on sale I might get it



Anti-Matter wrote:

Just play the game without paying too much on arguments or whatever.

This. In my honest opinion, hating Sonic and nitpicking the games just became the "cool" thing to do, with most on YouTube just doing it because it's easy views. Say something bad about a game series that's popular, and it guarantees clicks.

Personally, I haven't had too many problems with the 3D Sonic games, aside from the sometimes awkward camera angles, really never had complaints. Though I never did play Sonic 06, but I did play Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and the GBA port of Sonic 1 when they were still new, and liked them, even though they had their problems.

Sonic 1 on GBA has framerate issues, just something cool about playing Sonic 1 on the go back then. This was well before the DS, 3DS, Switch, and mobile versions too (the mobile version is the best IMO).

Generally, I like the series and haven't had too much of an issue with the games.



I agree that there are a few good games in the series, but not quite which ones and why. I don't think either Adventure game is good (well, really I haven't had the opportunity to play SA2 yet, but most of what I hate about SA1 is in SA2, so I probably won't like it). The biggest issue with the Adventure game is too many of the gameplay styles for the other characters just don't fit Sonic. Sonic is all about running fast and using your momentum to platform and several of the other characters... just don't do this (namely, Knuckles/Rouge's treasure hunting in both games, Big's fishing, and Tails/Eggman's mech shooting). They feel like you're playing a completely different game. Then the other games aren't much better. Heroes you're constantly stopped for dull, repetitive combat. 06 is a glitch filled mess (although honestly I think that game is overhated, the glitches aren't as game breaking as everyone says and there's a semblance of a good game hidden behind it). Unleashed was a great step forward for Sonic and the Sonic levels are among the best in the series IMO, but it suffers from the same flaws as the Adventure games with the Werehog not feeling like Sonic. Colors was great for its time by virtue of not having some dumb gimmick, but the level design is too blocky and not very good. Generations is by far the best 3D Sonic game, but it's a tad short. Lost World is a mess of different gameplay elements that seemed to largely fix what wasn't broken. Boom... well we don't talk about Boom. And Forces follows Colors' level design and its flaws.

Overall it seems like the issue is that they're having a hard time balancing Sonic's speed with having a sufficient amount of content, when they just make Sonic go fast the game feels too short, but then when they try to lengthen the game they do so by slowing down either the gameplay or level design and it just becomes not fun. It seems that they're limited in how large they can make the game because Sonic's speed lets him blow through levels that would take other platformers 10-15 minutes to complete so Sonic gets less out of his levels than the others. This I think is the main issue SEGA has to solve to get Sonic right in 3D. Opening the game up to exploration like they're trying with Frontiers isn't a bad way to fix this (this has been traditionally how other 3D platformers did it, they made them collectathons to get you to explore the same level multiple times), but the open worlds themselves don't really seem to facilitate speed that well so I'm skeptical if that's going to be the game to get it right.


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I'm sorry your enter button broke (or whatever the kids use now to hopefully make readable posts).

Anyway Sonic can easily be good in 3D, Sonic Adventure 1 and especially 2 were good for their time, and I genuinely love Colors and Generations. Sonic Team is just bad at maintaining consistent quality for some inane reason and should've had a clue on how to do just that ages ago. If Sonic was always bad in 3D, it would be far less frustrating than it is now.

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@Luigi6432 After all these 3d sonic games, I'm think maybe the high speed sonic concept, zipping around, may be a flawed concept, or have a weakness. Zipping around looks cool for trailers, but in the end, the environment zips by too fast to take-in and interact with. And the fact that no other platforming game IPs have built their games around the high-speed-running-around concept, it feels like that bolsters my point. Or, Sega and Sonic Team are so stuck in a rigid formula that it hinders them from making a more successful game. I don't know. That's just the way it looks to me. It's not a put down of Sonic.

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Sonic can work good in 3d, the issue is that there rushed half the time, forces could have been good like gen, but noooo it had to be made under a year, forces could have given what they promised, but no, 06 could have done well, if they hadn’t been rushed, and unleashed was just hated just to hate on it in my opinion as the main reason people disliked it was the werewolf concept that they found cheesy without giving the game a chance.

Ad and 2, gen, colors, unleashed, (and let’s hope frontiers) are all proof that sonic can work just fine in a 3d space, heck I would even go as far too say born for it, but the dev teams are never given enough time, but alas, they never are.

And unpopular opinion, I don’t want them to give up on boost gameplay, it can work, and in all honesty I love it, but they never should put sonic in a small environment, that is why I think frontiers is going to work, a lot of open space, and hopefully little to run into.

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I don’t have anything bad to say about 3D Sonic. But Sega management is to blame for any and all shortcomings since the Genesis, lol


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