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I am trying to connect my SEGA Genesis 2 to my modern TV which is located on the fireplace mantel. There is a HDMI cable which travels through the wall to a HDMI wall outlet. I would like to connect the SEGA Genesis 2 to this HDMI wall outlet to avoid draping cables across the wall.

What "Coaxial RF Switch" and "Coaxial RF to HDMI Converter" would you suggest?

I ask about a Coaxial RF Switch as I like to plan for future expansion beyond just the SEGA Genesis 2.
Thank you in advance for all your wisdom and knowledge.

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Your sega what, exactly?


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@Meowpheel Opps, thank you! I edited my original post.



If your have the AV hook ups on your TV you can hook up your Genesis that way.

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What other systems are you planning on hooking up for future expansion? Atari?

I believe what you are looking for is called a "RF Demodulator" something like this
Not cheap.
I have never used it, but I believe an "RF Demodulator" is what you want to start researching. However, I have no real world experience with that amazon product and I have no idea if it would even work for Video Games. Sometimes modern TVs won't even display incorrect scanline signals.
You might even have to do a RF to VGA and then VGA to HDMI. It might get tricky.

I know you asked specifically about coaxial, but If possible do not use Coaxial. Out of all the older ways to attach a console to a TV, that is the worst. If you have the option for AV or the "yellow" cord, do that. Cables are cheap.
If you are just looking for something cheap and quick and you are not looking for any major upscaling, you can pick up a RCA to HDMI converter on Amazon for under $20.
Unless you are planning on also hooking up an Atari, even the NES and Master System can use a "yellow" cord and mono sound with the right cables.

Or I guess if you have an old VCR with a pass through capabilities to RCA, that might work too.

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@Hikingguy Thanks for your help.
I believe you are right that a "RF Demodulator" is ideally what I am looking for. Additionally as you suggest, I shared the same thoughts on RF to VGA and then VGA to HDMI, which may be more feasible.

I am having a problem of locating a "RF Demodulator" or "RF to VGA" or "RF to RCA" at a reasonable price. "RF Modulators" or "RCA to RF" seem abundant, but the reverse is severely lacking and expensive. I have been reading that most people seem to use a VCR as you mentioned, which is not ideal to me.

HDE Sega Genesis 2 Genesis 3 RCA Composite Cable Audio Video AV Connection Cord

This is the best my research has found to date. It isn't exactly what I am looking for, but it could work for only the SEGA Genesis 2. I run all my other RCA systems to a "RCA switch" which is connected to a "RCA to HDMI" converter. Thoughts?

Philmore Deluxe High Isolation 3-Way Coaxial

I plan on eventually hooking up an Atari as I have all my fathers old Atari games and no system. Additionally, I want to be prepared for at least one additional RF system in the future. This is the best switch I could find. A "RF Switch" to a "RF Modulator" would be awesome! 3x1 is alright but more is always better (at least 4 or 5).

@Tasuki There is an "Ant/ Cable IN". I could run a coax cable through the wall, but again it's not ideal.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you again.



To be honest, I do not think there is going to be a super easy or cheap way to do this. Most people who still own and play Atari have a CRT television. You could try modding an Atari if you have the time and skills. Or just buy one already modded for AV. such as this

Unless you want to invest in a device like the Framemeister, video output on a digital TV is not super great, but playable. So unless you want to spend a lot of money, I would just keep using the RCA switch like you are. But I guess it comes down to how much money and how much you really care about how it looks. Some people are purists and will only play on CRTs. Others demand as close to perfection as possible but want a modern TV and if money is no object then a Framemeister type product would be your best option. Otherwise, look for a nice clone with the proper outputs. There are a few coming out that might fit the bill in the future.
If it was me I would buy the cables and use the AV out for the Genesis. Much cheaper and it sounds like you already have something going. For the Atari, this is my personal opinion, but even though I grew up playing Atari there are so few actual Atari games I would really enjoy playing today it is not worth it for me to invest in a set up. Or if you really want to use coaxial, maybe find an old CRT TV and hook it up. That might be your cheapest option. Because, how much are you really going to be playing Atari on your main TV? I would guess it would be a short bit of fun and then the novelty would die off very quickly.
Or see if you can run a cable down from the back of the TV to extend that coaxial input. Remember Atari came out in the late 70's. Not many things from the 70's are compatible with 2017 technology, it has been nearly 40 years.

I grew up with an Atari 2600, then after that broke my parents bought a 7800 so we could keep playing games. A few years ago I gave my brother the Atari stuff (and I had a lot) and asked him to hold on to it when I moved across the country. I came back to pick it up and he told me he threw it away. He kept the Apple II bag it was in, but threw all the Atari stuff away. To this day I kindly remind him of what he did. But even after many years I have not replaced it, nor do I plan on ever replacing it.
maybe someone else has a better idea, but I just do not think there is a market for Atari clones like there is for NES or Genesis. And honestly I understand why. Most games are just not that fun. In the late 70's there was nothing else like it, so it was really fun. But as video game's evolved, it shows just how primitive the Atari is.
I feel the same way about 3D and the Saturn/PS1/N64 era. There are good games, and for example Tomb Raider was so awesome when it came out, but playing it today, the controls feel so clunky.



@Hikingguy I'm going to go with your advice. If I decide on the Atari latter, i'll cross that bridge then.

I want to thank everyone for their help!
Hopefully this post helps others in the future.



No problem at all! I am glad I could help.

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