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Good evening, and thank you for adding me to this forum. I have been a long time Nintendo fanatic and have a piece of memorabilia I would like to get some information about and potentially what something like this would be worth. Over the years, I have scoured the internet looking for similar pieces to see if they have been sold or even to get more information about them and to this point I have come up empty handed.

This jacket was given to me as a gift when I was really young and it appears to be some sort of send away type of piece via Nintendo Power magazine a popular Nintendo magazine from back in the day. I used to feel pretty darn cool wearing this to school with my friends and I'd like to share the pictures with you to get some feedback, information, or any information about what something like this would be worth. At the very least I think it is an awesome piece of Nintendo history!


Thanks in advance!


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@Riftshaper not many will click on the links to see the pictures, put the picture link within (img) link (/img) but change the brackets to square ones


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@Riftshaper Hey there!

Yeah as @Bunkerneath mentioned, posting links to images like that probably isn't the best idea and most people won't feel safe clicking them.

I've removed the links, feel free to add the images to the post. I usually use ImgBB to do this, let me know if you need any help




Figured it out, thank you for the suggestion hopefully this will lead to some comments or potentially other sites/places I can get some more information on this jacket.



I tried a quick search and wasn't able to find anything - I wouldn't be surprised if there was a giveaway in Nintendo Power with the jacket as a prize. In the 1st issue, there were various giveaways...I never won so I don't know all that was included.


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