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inside the packaging of everey NES Game there is a plastic Sleeve, which protects the Game-Catridge.

Some of these sleeves have a "Nintendo" Logo on them, some of the sleeves are simply black, without the Logo.

i would like to know the background to this difference. I read somwhere, that the games which nintendo had published self have the Logo on it and Games which were published by 3rd Party Publishers have the blank black sleeve.

But this seems to be incorrect, because i have some games which were published by ninentdo self, but they have too a simply black sleeve (Super Mario 3 i.e.).

if anyone knows anything about this, I would be happy to hear from you.



The Nintendo published games had the Nintendo logo on them while third party didn't this was more then likely some copyright thing. If you have a Nintendo published game without the logo then more then likely its not the original sleeve.

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Speaking of sleeves, I wish they made them for N64 and cartridge boxes for GBA games. It seems with each new console we get less and less. There are now no more manuals or maps with games. Even the console boxes starting with Wii is just a photo of the console and controller with no descriptions or photos of games for it. At the rate this is going, I would be surprised if we even get a box with our games and consoles in the future.



@Angelus144 I wouldn't know myself since I didn't have the NES when it was new, but I would imagine someone VERY likely swapping around sleeves back in the day.

It was during the middle of the SNES lifespan that Nintendo stopped making the dust covers.

@Tasuki I wouldn't be so sure of trademark. I assume Nintendo had some standards as to what gets packaged into third party releases, just as they imposed some bit of box design continuity. I don't imagine third parties always wanted to pay out the extra costs for things like the sleeves, but also Nintendo Power ads that I seem to recall coming inside even third-party games (even on SNES/GB which I actually had new).



I checked it again and @Tasuki seems to be right.

It should be noted that some games were distributed by different publishers in some regions.

So there are, for example, games that Nintendo distributed itself in Europe, but in the USA or Japan it was not Nintendo itself.

You cannot necessarily rely on the information on Wikipedia, which usually only names only one single publisher (different publishers in different regions are usually not taken into account), but has to do some research in fandom's or on similar websites.

I actually swapped the sleeves of my collection at 2 Games over the years and was able to find out about this using a process of elimination. Now everything is "original" packed up again.

I asked myself the question about the sleeves, because I had expanded my collection on ebay and had noticed that a game (it was Wrecking Crew) was offered by a dealer with a Nintendo sleeve and one with a black sleeve. Of course, I bought the "false "one with the black sleeve, but then bought an original Nintendo sleeve later because I value everything in my collection to be as original as possible.



Angelus144 wrote:

So there are, for example, games that Nintendo distributed itself in Europe, but in the USA or Japan it was not Nintendo itself.

Definitely the case, as I'm sure there were some Japanese publishers willing to expand to the US market but not Europe, due to the difference in NES market penetration between the latter two.



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