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Hello. I am looking for a NES side scroller game i was playing a long time ago, somehow similar to Super Mario, but i don't remeber it's name and i can't make any specific keyword to search it by.

What i can recall is that my character seems to resemble a little girl (not sure), in the first level i'm outside, there are trees in the background, i can jump on the branches, and as i go i break bricks that make up stairs and blocks and i find treasures (somehow like in Mario). To enter the second level i go down through a tube (or something) wich leads me underground and here the screen scrolls in the opposite direction (i walk to the left). This place is made mostly of bricks and i got to find a key hidden in them in order to finish the level before time goes out. I can use spells for different purposes, one being lightning bolt, another slows down time... and that's what i can remember.

Does anyone know what game is this? Thank you so much for your time!

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The only NES sidescroller I can immediately think of with a girl is Athena. (aside from Metroid and Barbie)



It's not Athena (there aren't any spells and you don't collect keys), unless you're remembering the second level incorrectly (the first level you described does sound like Athena — outside world, trees, breakable blocks with power-ups).

But i'm not sure off the top of my head either ... are you sure it's NES, and not another retro system?

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Great Giana Sisters? It's not NES, but it is NES/Mario style:

Doesn't have spells or scroll left mind...

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