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Hi guys, i'm curious about this Action Replay cartridge.

My little nephew got one (probably for free) and it was laying around forever. Probably months to a year, i'd always find it on the floor or in his toys. I never knew what it was, and I doubt he does. so I googled around today and found out that it's a cheat cartridge like a Gameshark.

Are these worth anything? What can you guys tell me about them?

It looks exactly like this



Only familiar with the DS and 3DS versions of Action Replay. But AR allows you to perform cheats in the game the devs never intended such as Max Cash, Max Item xy, make Pokemon in Box 1 Slot 1 shiny. That kinda 'hacking' stuff. I don't remember much but I think I've had an AR for GC games. You'd put the AR disc into the console, select a code, take out the disc and put the game disc in to write the code into it. Or did it work over memory card? Sorry, mate, but that's pretty much 13 to 14 years ago and I was but a mere child so I don't remember much. Not sure how it works on GBA games but I doubt it's worth anything anymore. If it even works after months of neglect.

Also, before anyone asks, I was only using Action Replays codes to make Pokemon you can't get in their shiny form shiny and get event Pokemons from outside my country. Both were for my own personal shiny collection that I had built during the 6th gen using the trade clone glitch with my copies of X and Y.

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