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Picked up the Mario & Zelda Game & Watch recently, and I absolutely love the Zelda one's clock. Just looking over and occasionally watching the computer playing through the entire game, and start from scratch. I wish the Mario G&W was able to do the same thing, rather than just bouncing around a very limited space, minus very few changes in scenery when it hits a certain time on the clock.

Which brings me to ask this question: Would it be possible for someone to mod the Mario G&W to do the same thing; Have the computer play through the entirety of the game in one big loop like the Zelda G&W?


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I doubt that would be very easy.

I mean… It’s probably not entirely impossible, I suppose. But it would take some very serious programming and tinkering to achieve.

Like, it would basically entail rewriting the entire software in the game and watch, replacing it, and hoping it works.

I do agree that the the Zelda one is a much better clock though, they’re leagues apart.

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@Eel Very much so. If someone's able to do it, I'd be happy to pay them to do it to mine, including shipping to and from, or, even buying another one that they might've already modded the G&W's Clock to do that very thing.

Wouldn't be a bad little side gig at all for someone good with that sorta thing. I'm sure there's quite a few other people who would want that as well.

Probably stretching beyond the limits, but just throwing an idea out there. Maybe have several different loops shuffle through randomly. 2 runs for each game; 1 run with all the Easter Eggs, Secrets, Shortcuts, etc. The other, your standard and basic playthrough.


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