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This thread is dedicated to the Mother/EarthBound series, here you can share your thoughts and experiences with the series, and honestly anything Mother related, but I'm warning you: This Thread Stinks!

(Or it might be a guaranteed masterpiece. Either way, No crying Until the Ending!)

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I was going to say there was another thread for Earthbound, but alias theirs not.đź‘Ť

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I played through Mother 3 for the first time since the fan translation came out last year. I still love it and its still the high point of narratives in video games imo. It's the most recurring statement about the game, I get it, but it is really such a shame that such a high quality game is stuck in Japan. Or at the very least, a shame that not having an official release in English has limited how many people experience it.

It is interesting how my opinion has changed despite loving it about as much as I did the first time I played it. I'm not gonna go into real spoilers, but one major thing was better, one major thing was worse. Even when I realized it was my favorite story in gaming (to the point that it made me appreciate games as art for the first time), I always kinda thought it was a bit too much of like an attempt to make some great, emotional magnum opus of a story. "I can make stories that are funny but are also clearly meaningful and deep!" Like that was the thought process on some level, like making a magnum opus was the point. In hindsight that's probably not true. I feel like he really captured a story about how society can be corrupted by the most comically evil types of people, in various ways. I wish it didn't reflect anything in reality at this rate, but we are.

But the one thing that I found a bit disappointing in hindsight is the main cast, at least in one way. I kinda got why the characters never talked all that much in Earthbound, that's not what the story is even going for. It's about the journey and the people you meet, and the weird things you experience rather than any deep characterization. But Mother 3 is a far more traditional narrative, its characters mean a lot more and have a lot more to them. So when they go so long without saying all that much of substance, despite sticking with them for so much of the game, it feels like kind of a wasted opportunity, especially with how good the characters are as is. Sometimes less is more, but then sometimes less is just less.

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I finished Earthbound a few weeks ago and really liked it. I don't think I have finished an RPG before. I really liked humor and writing, along with the story. After finishing it I started Mother 1, but I found it too outdated. I then started Mother 3. It has some more serious things than Earthbound, but I have been suprised by the fact that it also has some very funny parts. I am at Chapter 7 right now, I have just finished the snow area. Mother 3 seems to have more difficult bosses than Earthbound.



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Oh by the way guys I heard there is a new MOTHER game can you believe it! It’s coming out in winter 2014!

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Internet points if the words “winter 2014” kills you internally.

Also @starpoint I just saw your signature that says you are playing mother 3 and just wanted to wish you luck as you have reached the point of no return.
(The game is so good it will ruin your life and you’ll spend years with an IV labeled “Earthbound content” attached to you”).

I fear no man
but that thing:
The carrot minigame from bowser's inside story
it scares me


What!? that’s horrible! The music of mother 3 is one of the best parts.

My idea for the future of the series is to just reboot mother 3 add in all the scrapped content, remove potential copyright issues and also fix the controversial characters.

Show porky’s descent into madness, show the timeline shenanigans, show us claus’s magicant, and most importantly what’s up with the white ship!

Also get Toby fox to help that man is a genius, and in the past he had asked itoi if there is a possibility of a new game and expressed desire to help with making a new game.

I fear no man
but that thing:
The carrot minigame from bowser's inside story
it scares me


@WaffleBoat hah, yeah it’s getting really good. The sunflower scene was… ridiculously emotional. Did not see it coming at all and thankfully was never spoiled about it. The music, story, combat, everything just comes together so nicely. Definitely one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played at the very least

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Is Stranger Things influenced by Earthbound? Cause of what I’ve read Paula looks exactly like eleven, and basically it’s the stranger things video game but actually made in the eighties.

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