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So who here had a C64 back in the day?

I got a C64 in 1989, and it was the very first computer and game system I ever got that my Dad got me when a workmate of his sold his C64 with hundreds of great games so he could afford an Amiga.

The very first game I played on it was P.O.D. Proof of Destruction. It's not the greatest shmup on the system, Grid Runner is a better game, but I love the music in it!

There was a copy of Pac Mania in the collection of games that came with it, I played this a lot.

Then I played a lot of Arcade Classics with amazing music that Rob Hubbard composed

What are your experiences with this system? A great big fact about the Commodore 64 was that it was the single most-sold computer in the world until the iPad 2 sold more units in 2011, meaning that for 29 years, the C64 was the most-sold computer in the world!




Wizball was probably my favourite C64 game, and I remember Exile and Creatures being particularly good too. I also played a ridiculous amount of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and Microprose Soccer with my brother too.

So many good games.


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