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Personally my favorite is Final Fantasy III, for a retro game soundtrack it's just amazing and the battle themes & overworld theme are some of the best in the series.


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I think Super Mario Brothers 3 was a great soundtrack, it brought such life to Mario as it was very happy and cheerful.



I haven't played that many NES games, but from what I have played, Mega Man 2 is my favorite.

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Eath Bound all of those tunes are pretty catchy


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Easily the Silver Surfer soundtrack. It has such an intense arrangement that not only delivers a very high pace to the otherwise frustratingly hard game, but also emphasizes the futuristic nature of the overall story!
Also, Battletoads! Catchy as hell, pumping and awesome, even the pause tune was cool!

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I'd go for Mega Man 2



The Silver Surfer soundtrack is an outstanding achievement. I haven't heard anything better from the NES.


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The obvious Megaman 2

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This. Bubble man's theme is absolutely Amazeballs. Back in the late 80's, it completely blew me away, I wasn't quite used to 'that' much diversity and range in an NES game before. Seriously, what an experience mega man 2 was back when it was cutting edge and fresh off the shelves....It was another mind blowing NES title that blew it's already innovative and solid predecessor completely out of the water.

Unfortunately mega man 9 was the only other sequel to somewhat capture mega man 2's essence. Also, the only nitpick I had with MM2 was Wily's castle....unappealing ugly stage design 'saved' by it's iconic Wily stage 1 theme. Sure, the bosses were magnificent, but the stage layout for all of the wily stages were awful. This is where Mega Man 1 did things better, much better imo.

Ahhh, mega man 2. Even it's box art had me incredibly intrigued down at my local video store. So flashy, so awesome-cheesy, it's always a treat when the characters on the box art are a far cry from what they actually look like in the game.

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Indeed. Bubble Man was my favorite level back in the day. I think my favorite theme is the Metal Man theme.



Kirby's Adventure because duh.

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No love for any Castlevania games?

The first Castlevania also had a good overall soundtrack but Bloody Tears is one of my favorite songs on the NES ever. Mega Man 2 as a whole had one of the best soundtracks too, and I second SMB3.

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well 4 me it`s Batman (stage1) Yo! Noid intro and stage 1 Zen intergalactic ninja , Gun Nac




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Bucky O'Hare - a massively underrated game, with a truly great soundtrack!

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Mega Man 2 need I say more

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