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I’m gonna get straight to the point with these DLC characters. NO , NO “I work at Nintendo”, NO BEST BUY, JUST STRAIGHT FACTS.

1: Joker --------- He will have a female swap costume. He will be released on April 25th

2: Brave is Master Chief ---------- He will be shown at E3 and will be released on June 26th

3: Heart is Frisk --------------- Frisk will be release on September 15th to celebrate Undertale’s 4th anniversary.

4: 2B ------- She is the ‘Square Enix’ character, not edrick, not crono, not sora, and definitely not geno. No exact date because she isn’t in developed yet, but the developing team is trying to have her released in late NOV or early DEC.

5: Heihachi Mishima ---------- He is suppose to be ready by Feb 2020 but since Sakurai is having some health issues for working too hard their may be a delay with him.

Call this the ‘Gain of truth’ leak

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Now to wait for the Direct to see if you're right or wrong.


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Interesting... I'll wait and see.



April Fools is long gone, dude.

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Keep it PG-13-ish.



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