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Pretty sure the table artwork will still be censored though, but it's not nearly as bad as censoring the actual gameplay.

@Moroboshi876 Definitely try the actual pins (from William/Bally). Real pins have a lot easier and simpler rulesets than Zen's 'fake' ones. I find that many of their pins are rather complicated.

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Just in case any digital pinball fans in this thread are interested. We’ve created a new thread detailing and discussing a number of community high-score tourneys and competitions we’re running. Open to all and we tend to have a weekly table from PINBALL FX3 as well as a monthly contest where we play 3 other non-PBFX3 tables from the likes of STERN PINBALL, ZACCARIA, THE PINBALL ARCADE etc.

The tables we’re posting scores for in April are outlined in the opening two posts.

Hope to see you over there and playing digital pinball with you.

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Hey everyone. I'd thought I'd share my pinball themed level for Super Mario Maker 2. It's not anything like real pinball obviosuly but I tried to get a pinball vibe. I'm hoping if there are others who own this game and like pinball, maybe it'll lead to others making pinball like levels that are way beyond my abilities.

The ID Course Code is 3SS-H7G-DPF, and its called Mario Pinball Maker. Enjoy!


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