Topic: Persona 4. Is Pixie the only decent healer persona?

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Just got back into playing regular Persona 4 last night. Saved Yukiko and beat her Shadow. anyone know if the Pixie persona is the only decent healer persona for the rest of the game?



nah you will eventually get way better healers with other party members and in the next dungeon, also its kinda weird to see this on a nintendo forum lmao



Pixie has traditionally been a super early game demon/Persona. She's far from the best or most capable at that stuff and you'lll eventually find better Personas for specific tasks as you progress further along and join up with more party members


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You’d be better off just googling for a walkthrough to find out general questions like this. It’s not a Ninty game plus you get an instant answer.

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Yeah pixie is like... A basic early game persona. You'll find, and be able to make, better healers.

And yes, it would be better to use google to find answers to questions like these.

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Excuse me, this is The Other Gaming board where youre supposed to talk about other videogames. Not just Nintendo games.


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