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@AlohaPizzaJack 5G sounds like taking everything that was wrong with Clearwire and doubling down on it. I loved Clearwire, it was a great product that was used incorrectly and attempted with insufficient budget, but it was way ahead of its time where it worked. WiMax was a great standard, and parts of Russia was using WiMax 2.0 that actually pushed near 5G levels. But it wasn't meant to be setup like cell towers. It should have been directional with fixed receivers. And more importantly it had much lower spectrum to work with so it had broader coverage, but was considered too high.

5G takes unwanted, unusable UHF violet spectrum and tries to make high bandwidth radio transmission out of them. It's like trying to broadcast Bluetooth to a city. If they could do it all in 800Mhz or such it could be great. But there's far too little bandwidth down there to do it.

I just find it hysterical that a big component of the "transformational" 5G, is building a whole second 4G grid atop the existing one to double it. That doesn't sound like much confidence in 5G if part of it's core is just doubling the old system.

That's like a PS5 upgrade requiring 2 PS4s and some duct tape to put inside the new box to run.

Edit: That's actually part of the problem. WiMax was an Intel/US tech. LTE was a Chinese tech that was set up first, and put into large production first, thus became a standard and had lower costs with a larger world market, so LTE won the major carriers and WiMax died. They want to avoid that this time, but their solution for doing so is fast-tracking a "solution" that has no chance of actually working. One look at a US map tells you a solution that depends on large transceivers with a 600ft range to cover 100% of that map isn't a viable solution.

Meanwhile companies like Verizon stopped rolling out fiber to new areas, because the 5G will be much cheaper than digging wires to every house. Which is silly because it omits that they still have to dig the wires PAST every house, anyway, and the transceivers are much more expensive to install and run than the fiber drop and ONTs.

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@Galarian_Lassie Hey now, I think we've seen plenty of evidence to show that Konami has no idea what it's doing as far as gaming is concerned. Not exactly the best metric. Though, now that you mention mobile, without the standard upfront price models, it's entirely possible that publishers might try to push even harder for microtransactions. Even if Stadia gates off the worst offenders, it's entirely possible it might become another garbage dump the way mobile has been for years now...

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