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Is there any way for Nintendo to bring back the Dream World for Pokemon B/W2? I never got to use it and just want to be able to access it for once.



There are projects out there that aim to restore the online functionality of Black and White, and they're well in development. Pretty much everything except for Dream World is back online and working reasonably well.

Dream World is a huge beast to tackle, requiring the use of an entirely separate website and minigames that may or may not have been properly archived. I've heard that it's being looked into, but I wouldn't get too excited just yet.

As for Nintendo themselves bringing it back, perish the thought. It won't happen.

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The online online I've experienced was Gen 6, and that was certainly far less special. Just some kind of carnival games, effectively an item lottery.



@Morpheel I don't know about other ways in BW1, but in BW2 there's an Xtransceiver minigame you can play to farm them, or Join Avenue florists.



Dream world was a neat idea but so poorly executed. Even when it was online it was extremely limited in how much you could use it because either they could not afford to, or (more likely) were unwilling to pay for the servers needed to handle the millions of people who bought the games.

Furthermore, upon it closing down, a pretty significant amount of features in the games were just lost. Which I consider to be very poor game design.

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