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THE ARCHWAR : Heroes and Demons (, is finally launched after 2 years in development, this MOBA styled game is currently offered in Early Access via Google Playstore. For those who are not familiar, MOBAs are a relatively newer gaming genre on mobile.
For those who don’t know, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MOBA is generally invade the opposing team and winner takes all, but ARCHWAR is a new MOBA genre whereby there’s a mix of MLBB and Brawl Star’s gameplay of 3v3.

There are numerous characters to test out in the Google Play Early Access Preview; ranging from Swords wielding heroes to Mages with Magic, Mythical Creatures and Assassins. Each character has special quirks and power, and abilities.
Players can also invite friends to play in private lounges. At the time of release as tested, there are currently two game modes. The most notable mode is GEM BEHOLDER whereby a team wins if most gems are collected before cut off time.

These characters’ information can be found at .
The game is expected to be released in THREE ARCS OF WAR where HEROES will be introduced first and then followed by DEMONS and finished off with FINAL ARC OF REALM WAR.

Check the game out at:

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