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Honestly, anything that brings the next console even remotely closer to PS4/XBone (namely, an overpriced PC with 30fps glorification and no creativity whatsoever), would be a worst-case-scenario. A console is only good when it does something unique, everything else is flat-out unacceptable.

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The NX is actually an add-on for another console, so that console can play Nintendo games.

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?



-Godot wrote:

What is your idea of REALISTICALLY the worst possible turnout of the Upcoming Nintendo NX?
Please do not ramble about Nintendo and Smartphones/tablets etc. Please.

You contradict yourself, sir. You expect me to tell you what the worst possible turnout will be but deny me the ability to talk about it.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Wii U 2. Even as someone who likes the Wii U, even from a purely creative aspect it's abundantly clear they shouldn't make it again.

They'd call it the New Wii U.


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technotaylor98 wrote:

It's just a Wii U controller that straps TO YOUR FACE
oh, realistic

Uh, no backwards compatibility, Wii remote controller, and $500 price tag.

Xbox one at launch in a nutshell.

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Realistically? The NX is PS4-power with a tablet controller that doubles as a handheld. Costs $400-500.

Why is this bad? Because it exacerbates the Wii U's critical flaw, that is, it's main feature is one of convenience, and it costs over 100 dollars. The fact that it comes with a portable controller doesn't add ANYTHING to gameplay, so it would be much better as a separate purchase.

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They try to recapture the Wii success and release a console geared towards casual gamers and based on a gimmick that gets old after 15 minutes. This continues to further drive 3rd parties away and forces Nintendo to continue to focus more and more on the mobile space in order to remain profitable. Nintendo gets out of the hardware business altogether and instead of making games for other home consoles, they only make games for smartphones/tablets.

I'm torn between either that or them releasing a hybrid device that's the worst of both worlds.



The worst possible outcome is that Nintendo doesn't advertise it properly, and we end up with another Wii U level failure. Anything else is either something they could work around pretty easily or mostly irrelevant.

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Worst possible turnout? It turns out to be some sort of Frankestine'd Ouya-type "console" that mostly runs VC games and smaller, mobile games.



The worst possible outcome would probably be, Nintendo not learning from the Wii U and instead of improving, somehow create something worse that they also poorly advertise.

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Wouldn't it be kind of interesting if they completely dropped the Wii brand and just went back to something "classic"? I know they already did Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES, but maybe just something that goes back to its roots. Even the NX sounds better than the Wii U, in my opinion. Gosh, I just want a good ol' powerful gaming console with awesome Nintendo games, attracting a good share of third party stuff. No motion control/VR gimmicks, just good ol'-fashioned horsepower and awesome games.



Worst possible turnout...?

If it's a home console...
It's on par with Sony and Microsoft's machines, but has PS3 syndrome where it can only be properly tapped into by Nintendo themselves and it still has no third party support. The main controller for it is a Wii U pro controller with different branding (meaning there are still no analog triggers). Its first two years of games are 80% Wii U ports and ports of early PS4/One multiplats that run at choppier framerates so third parties can once again say we don't buy their games. No unified account system.

If it's a portable console
It's just a rebranded N3DS and NA still doesn't get faceplates.

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How about a major manufacturing error of RROD proportions that gives the console an extremely high failure rate and goes viral on social media? That would be a terrible thing to have to recover from.



Probable worst case? I’ll echo the sentiment made by others: SEGA

Personal worst case? That Nintendo releases another cheap, plastic console running under-powered, obscure architecture that no third-party developer would code for just to save a few quid to add to the fabled war chest that supposedly would allow them to survive running a deficit for years into the future.



Download only
no backwards compatibility

yeah, in such a case I would definitely pass on it



CaptainToad777 wrote:

Download only
no backwards compatibility

yeah, in such a case I would definitely pass on it

Funny, I'd advocate download only and I don't care much for backwards compatibility.

I hope it's a hybrid concept, preferably a multi-form-factor concept.

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it sells less than one million units in the first year and Nintendo decides to go third party... Actually I think that'll be the best possible outcome for consumers and the company even if it'll be the worse for NX

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Another Generation without a FIFA or PES. Its all i and millions of nintendo gamers ask for.
Id accept a new football ip though...

1 up !


There's no need for backward capacity since nearly every Wii U game is on the eshop - you can download your old titles
I think the smart move is to have no disc drive at all, just a micro SD slot
Unified account is definitely happening this year, that's the 'unified network' thing Iwata announced

I think the only way they can mess this up is

  • if its over $250 (Miyamoto suggested it won't be)
  • if it can't run frostbyte, unreal engine (it can be not as powerful as ps4 and still run these in theory, but it's a risk)
  • if it's hard to program for (owing to Nintendo's new indie friendly policy it won't be)
  • if third parties aren't interested (but then, Wii...)
  • if it has some gimmicky weird controller (there will be a classic controller anyway)

I think they can't mess this up - NX is theirs to win



It sells as much as the 3DS.



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