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Overclocking blindly through your mobo is not for the faint of heart, nope, but plenty of software programs exist to make things easier. I typically go through the mobo and haven't had any meltdown issues in the last decade, but my point was that this recent software program took my computer out of commission (to the point where many "casual" users may have needed to take their computer in to a shop to get fixed).

I don't know if I fully believe you. Seriously - you can't remember a time when a game crashed on you? You must be playing almost exclusively Dota or Terraria or really old games that aren't taxing your system at all. If you haven't replaced your gpu in 4 years you're probably playing new AAA games on medium at the absolute highest. GPUs need to be replaced every 2-3 years if you want to be playing at: higher res, higher fps, AAA games, etc. What resolution is your monitor(s)? 1080?

Just because something is simplified, doesn't mean it should be done.

You also don't need to upgrade every 2-3 years anymore than you need to upgrade your consoles with the next refresh. The so called AAA titles follow the console cycles and have been doing it for the last decade. And those usually have a couple of years old tech in them.

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I’ve tried gyro on a couple Switch games and I just can’t get the hang of it. I always end up fighting against it with the sticks. Is it because I’m using a pro instead of split joycon? I want to ‘get’ what everyone likes, but I keep feeling like I must be doing it wrong.


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@HobbitGamer same here, I tried very hard to get used to the gyro controls when playing Zelda and others but just doesn't click for me either.



Mouse aiming is probably slightly better than gyro aiming for me, but I detest using a keyboard to control my character, so it's a very happy compromise for me to play my PC/Switch games with gyro enabled. Pure twin stick shooting really sucks, though, and I won't play games with a heavy emphasis on shooting on consoles unless I got the game for free or its an exclusive.

@HobbitGamer I don't like gyro with split joycons unless I'm playing first-person rail shooters like Gal Gun. Otherwise, i vastly prefer gyro controls when the controllers are connected via the grip or are otherwise connected my system in handheld mode.

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@HobbitGamer sounds like you are overusing the gyro. Use the sticks but use the gyro for fine-tuning your movements. You get a much smoother movement this way.



So I was on a long bus trip for work yesterday and me, my buddy next to me, and the guy behind us all had Switches out at the same time (I was playing N. Sane Trilogy, friend beside me Mario Odyssey, guy behind us Breath of the Wild). It just warmed my heart to see three fellas who didn't coordinate at all, all yanking out Switches to play different games. I've read about how ubiquitous the Switch is becoming, but moments like that really drive it home for me!

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Does anyone know when the reviews for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 are supposed to drop? I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened considering the game comes out tomorrow.



@Therad I’ve also tried turning down the gyro sensitivity in game options, to no avail. You’re likely right in my case. Oddly enough, I like using gyro if I’m playing BotW on VR. I think it’s a mindset disconnect for me, because I recall having some frustration aiming in the Metroid Prime Trilogy, as well. If I move my hand, I want to move my head, and that means my eyes aren’t looking ahead. I dunno


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With this new Switch Lite console, and the new upgraded Switch Prime with better battery life, what does this mean for the millions of us that already own a Switch? Can we upgrade to a new console and move over our save games if we have Nintendo Online? Will we be able to/allowed to use both our original console and the new one with the same account (not necessarily at the same time, but play a game on one and then move to the other)? The Switch Lite especially caters to that, with the smaller, more portable version being good for things like plane trips or commutes, while the larger one being better for playing around the house or on TV.

I feel like Nintendo wants people who already bought a Switch to buy a new one, but have given us very little information as to how it would affect current owners.

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Well, now that we know for certain Luigi's Mansion 3 is going to be a 2019 title and Town remains unlikely at best, here's my best guess at Nintendo's 2020 publishing schedule:

January: Nada
February: The Wonderful 101, some new eshop IP
March: Animal Crossing New Horizons
April: LABO, New Dillon's
May: new Mario Golf
June: Town (also Shin Megami Tensei V as an exclusive not published by them)
July: New Rhythm Heaven
August: Bayonetta 3
September: Kirby spinoff (multiplayer),
October: New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
November: BotW 2
December: Nada

Let's see how wrong this turns out to be.



@FragRed I read on another site that the MUA3 review embargo lifts on Friday...

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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@gcunit Yikes, for a game funded and published by Nintendo, that comes across as worrying. I almost fear they don’t have confidence in the game.



I think we're past the point of being worried just because a game doesn't have reviews many days in advance. Bethesda comes to mind especially but there are other examples recently of games not getting reviews out until launch day and the games being fine/great.

Personally not expecting a genre changer just a solid 7 or 8 that's fun to play thru in coop. Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow!



(I'm a little excited, plus as a FGC gamer the marvel vs capcom meme never gets old to me)

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My guess is:

December 2019 - Pikmin 3
January - Metroid Battle Royale (NSO exclusive)
February - Wonderful 101
March - Animal Crossing New Horizons
April - Town, Wind Waker HD
May - Super Mario 3D World
June - Switch Sports Ultimate (contains all content from Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and even more)
July - Switch exclusive Monster Hunter
August - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
September - Tropical Freeze sequel by Retro
October - Bayonetta 3
November - Let's Go Johto or Ultra Sword/Ultra Shield (leaning towards former)
December 2020 - Xenoblade Chronicles X


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So in all seriousness...

Give me those December, May, October and December 2020 games.

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I'm going to be replaying through Xenoblade X soon, since I'm guessing a Switch version is still a ways off. Can't wait until they announce it. And after playing Xenoblade with HD textures and resolution, I really feel like Nintendo should go ahead and greenlight an official HD remaster, cuz that game really benefits from the increased clarity



The Wii u after 2 years in the market did release the Wii games digitally (Mario Galaxy, pikmin) but they were £17.99 where as the switch ports of those will be full price im sure.

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Gyro is something meant to be used for fine tuning aim only, not as a substitute for dual analog.

You still use dual analog like you normally would, making wide turns with the right analog, but as soon as you get in the vicinity of your target, instead of nudging the analog to fine tune, you simply let a slight wrist tilt do the fine tuning for you, as aiming with gyro comes natural.

Having the correct sensitivity is important. You don't want oversensitivity which makes it jitter and is hard to aim with, but you dont want undersensitivity either, where wide motions are needed. There's a sweet spot in between.

And ya, you basically use analog for 90% of your aim, then fine tune with gyro for the final 10%. Its important to practice for a bit with gyro, aiming at random objects in the background, and adjust sensitivity until it's just right. Practice swift movements to aim at diagonals, and compare with those same movements using only analog and you'll see a drastic improvement in response time.

Split joycon is amazing for gyro because it's so easy to aim with gyro with one hand, but it works with pro controller or grip also, just need slightly higher sensitivity. And handheld with gyro is the best. Again, slightly higher sensitivity needed. Dont want to have to tilt at 30-40 degree angles to aim. 10 degree tilt is about right, so shoot for that with your sensitivity

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